Brochures are the most adaptable design to market any product or service. These are designed to showcase the layout of any premises, as shopping catalog or to promote travel offers. There is much other use of a brochure as the compact size and easy handling and distribution made brochure the best communication tool.

Brochures are professionally designed as on-line templates with columns and folding to just enter your requirement and design your own specifications such as events or fundraising projects or product advertisements and for each of them, you need some specific features for your brochures. While designing a brochure take care of the fonts and colors to fit your subject. Images must be incorporated to tell what the brochure is about. A short text with details in bullets is good. Language must be engaging as the client should respond completely.

Example and Tips to Make Brochure Design Attractive

  1. Events: Event brochures should be designed a bit colorful and attractive.
  2. Invitation: Persuasive headings would be best for encouraging people.
  3. Kid’s carnival: Funny fonts and captions should be default or act as an example to design it further.
  4. Health-oriented: Should be in grave and sober outlook.

It’s a bit difficult to design a brochure manually as it needs skill and art which everybody doesn’t possess, therefore online free templates come with complete editing facilities to craft your choice of a brochure with details, snapshots, and contacts. These are easily downloaded and printed.

You can order several copies of your brochure to distribute

An example of Brochure:

The following are the examples of online brochure templates widely used by the public.

  • Product catalog
  • Film festival program
  • Business brochure
  • Marriage ceremony


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