Guarantee Deed Forms

Ever heard of vehicles that get stolen and are then sold elsewhere? Or property that one buys and it is later revealed that it belonged to someone else? How does this all happen? This happens because people forget to make use of guarantee deed form at the time of selling and buying things and property. For many of us guarantee deed form is a strange name because we’re not used to of it at all.

A guarantee deed forms is basically written evidence in which a grantor confesses to the grantee that the property or thing that he is offering belongs to him and not to anyone else and that he transfers the owner rights to him. Like many other forms, guarantee deed form is also a legal form. A grantee can claim his ownership in court if needed on the basis of this guarantee deed form declaring that he bought it from the grantor only after his affirmation that it belonged to him. The guarantee deed form is especially useful when you confront a strange claimant of the property or things that you bought from someone else.

Every guarantee deed form necessarily has these elements;

● Confession of the grantor that the property or thing belongs to him
● Confession of the grantor that the property is free of taxes or other such dues
● Confession of the grantor that he is now transferring the right to the grantee and will no more is the owner of it.

Like other legal forms, the guarantee deed form has to be signed by the parties and should be approved by a notary.

There is a sample of guarantee deed form for everyday use that we are offering on our website. You can use it as a guidance to prepare your own to sell your property, things or other assets with careful prerequisites. Our free to use form is instant and is at one click download but we remind you to not forget to approve your forms by authorities once you’re done with agreement.

Stay aware, stay safe.


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