Letter of Refund for Faulty Goods


As we all know the most difficult task in the world is to make money. It not only takes our time but also devotion and commitment, therefore, it is obvious that we don’t want to spend our money on things which are defective. We often come across situations in the modern world when we are delivered with faulty goods. We are embarrassed but still feel no way out to return these faulty goods and get our hard earned money back. The most appropriate way to refund goods is by sending the letter to the delivering party about the problem of faulty goods.  The letter must fulfill certain requisites to communicate the problem and your purpose of writing the letter.

Firstly, the topic of the letter must directly refer to your problem, so that the delivering party could easily comprehend your message. In the body of the letter, you are supposed to mention the fault and demand for the refund of the money.

The thing to notice is that you must not get carried away in the mix, but due to the necessity of the subject, you are obliged to calmly mention your right of getting your money back. Although you could also give them the option to change the object, but if you are stern on refunding the money, explicitly mention that you won’t be accepting any kind of change in the item. By such narration, you would able to aptly communicate your message through the letter.


Letter of refund for faulty goods



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