Resume Layout and Templates

Resume Layouts

Resume writing is the point of concern when you are seeking a job intensely. Various format showcases the complicated style with complex vocabulary to craft an unusual resume. However, this is not the right way to write a resume. The employers are smart enough to distinguish between a fake and original resume and this is your bio-data so it should be precise with only relevant detail to present in front of the hirers.

  • A good vocabulary is the essential anyhow as whatever the nature of job be if the resume is written in sound wordings, then it reflects how concerned are you about the job seeking.
  • Contact information is another crucial element in your resume.  Like current address and a telephone number is mandatory.

The three well goes with the resume.

  • Well-ordered,
  • Well-written,
  • Well -formatted

It is of interest that the resume in the area of advertising, marketing, or writing jobs is not less than a sample of the talent or skills. If you are still in a trouble to write a meaningful resume, you can use on-line free templates for resume writing. These customizable templates offer the ideal resume you want to create. It has segments for your skill and blocks to write your experiences. It displays your profile with name address and educational qualification in a presentable style. The vocabulary is suited to the relevant job and headings and subheadings are incorporated to give your resume a professional look. Just download your resume template now and fill-in your details to take a print. You can send your saved resume via e-mail to the business employer.

Sample Layout & Templates

Chronological Resume Minimalist Design

Chronological resume Minimalist designFile Size: 48 kb


Chronological Resume

Chronological resume

File Size: 56 kb



Chronological Resume-Vertical Design

Chronological resume Vertical designFile Size: 37 kb


Computer Programmer Resume

Computer programmer resumeFile Size: 42 kb


Functional Resume

Functional resumeFile Size: 38 kb



Functional Resume-CV Traditional Design

Functional resume CV traditional designFile Size: 44 kb


Functional Resume- Minimalist Design

DownloadFile Size: 39 kb


Resume- Adjacency Design

Resume- Adjacency designFile Size: 68 kb


Resume- Apothecary Design

Resume Apothecary designFile Size: 158 kb


Recent College Graduate Resume

Resume for recent college graduateFile Size: 44 kb


Resume- Oriel Design

Resume Oriel designFile Size: 82 kb


Sales Manager Resume

Sales manager resumeFile Size: 37 kb


Teacher Resume

Teacher ResumeFile Size: 93 kb


Transfer within Company Resume

Transfer within company resumeFile Size: 38 kb


Sample Resume Template Design-1

sample resume templateFile Size: 50 kb


Sample Resume Template Design-2

sample resume templateFile Size: 2382 kb


Sample Resume Template Design-3

resume templateFile Size: 168 kb


Professional Elegant Design Resume

professional resume templateFile Size: 50 kb


Simple Professional Design-5

resume templateFile Size: 49 kb


First Job Resume Template

resume templateFile Size: 38 kb


Formal Design Professional

resume sample templateFile Size: 39 kb


Traditional Design Professional Resume

traditional design resumeFile Size: 40 kb


Resume for Everyone

resume templateFile Size: 56 kb


Box Design Resume 

job resume templateFile Size: 63 kb


Professional Teacher Resume-1

professional teacher resumeFile Size: 35 kb


Professional Teacher Resume-2

professional teacher resumeFile Size: 49 kb


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