cost tracker template

WORK SCHEDULE & TRACKERS Almost every organization or institution needs a disciplined medium for tracking expenses, inventory, and other things. So, if you’ve started a new small scale business or even if you are a simple housewife and require an instant solution for keeping a check on stuff, you can try free Excel Tracker Templates. You can install the free tracker report from the web and modify it to suit your needs. Add in the necessary information and other details and give a copy to your friends – a great…

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mortgage qualification worksheet

ACADEMIC & PROFESSIONAL WORKSHEETS A worksheet is defined as a piece of paper which has a set of questions or tasks needed to be completed by a pupil to help note down their progress and to help them practice as well. Almost all the subjects that are taught in schools and colleges make use of worksheets since they help the student to improve his/her performance and also helps the professor in knowing where the student stands. A worksheet is mostly used for teaching subjects that require calculation or the learning of…

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business report template

OFFICIAL REPORTS Reports are crucial in social organizations, institutions, and business etc. As they keep track of information, which are applied in decision-making. Documented written report showcases salient features in the form of content meant for specific audiences. Science, business, institutions government, thus every other field compile reports for advancements. They display the outcome of an investigation. Like other presentations, a report includes many key elements for example images, graphics, vocabulary to engage the audience and will help to take specifications. Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion all these four elements…

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Family Christmas newsletter

ANNOUNCEMENTS & NEWSLETTERS Whenever an organization or a business needs to announce some news they announce it via a number of channels. This can be done via the television, the radio, newspaper, and print media and via the newsletter. The last option is used more frequently because not only is it more cheap and inexpensive it is handier than other options. It helps in telling the customers or the stakeholders with the latest news regarding the organization and helps in informing the stakeholders and the customers about important information. Usually,…

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blood sugar log

They say, ‘’It is health that is the real wealth’’ but interestingly most people are heedless of this real wealth these days. Aged people aside, it is the young people mostly that now complain of physical fitness issues. So, before moving on, let us know what physical fitness is; Physical fitness is a person’s ability to do everyday tasks and routine activities without facing any exhaustion or fatigue. Keeping this idea of physical fitness in mind if you think of yourself and people around you who set fit to be…

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salary certificate template

OFFICIAL CERTIFICATES With the advent of online free templates, many tasks have become too easy. One of the areas which are taking full benefit from this online facilitation is the designing of certificates. These online certificates are a combination of exclusiveness and precision and are serving diversified areas where certificates are offered. Certificates are given in schools and other institution to encourage a child effort or to a teacher or other staff for their outstanding performances. Competitions and challenges also issue certificates of achievements or accomplishment to cherish the participants…

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Happy birthday wishing card

CASUAL & OCCASIONAL CARDS Some years before we can notice a queue of customers at the bookshop buying greeting cards for their loved ones and the printing press was also busy in printing various sorts of visiting or wedding cards with hundreds of copies. The trend has totally changed nowadays and the internet has eased the mess of selecting, writing and purchasing different forms of cards. There are several websites online which are serving their best to showcase online card templates of uncountable categories. These may include greeting cards, visiting cards,…

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job application form

OFFICIAL & FORMAL FORMS If you are in a business in any way like if you are the owner, the employer or the employee, you can understand the significance of business forms in a running organization. These forms display the professionalism your organization is delivering with the reliability. Business forms have several categories as they are documented for each and every department and serves an easy way of recording any operation or service delivered or provided to the business area. These forms aid for the employee while seeking loan or…

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