Affidavit of Paternity by Father of Child

There are many situations when the father of the child also uses the affidavit of paternity when he claims that he is the legal father of the child. Through the use of affidavit of paternity, the father of the child actually acknowledges himself as the father.

Who is the legal father of the child?

The person who is recognized as the father of child law is regarded as the legal father.

When a father can use the affidavit of paternity?

When the child’s father wants to get the rights to take the child in his custody, he can use the affidavit of paternity. When a man proves himself to be the legal father of the child, he becomes legally responsibilities to financially support the child.


Fathers are required to use an affidavit of paternity when they don’t live with the child’s mother and they want the rights of the child to be equally distributed among the mother and father. When the child falls ill and needs proper medical treatment, the father of the child can support him.

What are the benefits of establishing the paternity by the father of the child?

  1. Establishing paternity can be highly beneficial for the child especially when the health of the child is a major matter of concern. If the paternity is not established using the affidavit of paternity, the father of the child is not obligated to provide any type of medical assistance to the child
  2. When a person claims to be the father of the child and signs an affidavit, the doctors can check the medical history of the father and the inherited diseases in his family to get information about the health of the child
  3. When the child needs a blood transfusion or a tissue transplant, it becomes easy for the doctors to find compatible donors in the close relatives of the child.
  4. The father of the child gets and gives a sense of belonging to the child when he signs the affidavit of paternity. In this way, the emotional bond between the father and child is created. The chid also comes to know who he should contact whenever he needs any kind of financial assistance.

The affidavit of paternity is considered as the most authentic and solid method to establish the paternity. The use of affidavit of paternity is ensured within 72 hours after the birth of the child. A father needs to use this document when he did not marry the mother of the child.

When the father of the child uses the affidavit of paternity, he legally becomes the father of the child. This affidavit is always created before the birth certificate of the child is created. With this, the name of the father can be mentioned in the birth certificate of the child.

The affidavit of paternity should always be written in a professional manner. Most of the people generally get help from the legal prosecutor whenever they need to get this document signed and notarized.

Affidavit of paternity by mother of child

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