Application for Loss of College Identity Card

Subject: Loss of College Identity Card

Dear Counselor, I am [name of the student], from semester [x] from the Department of [name of the department] I recently joined the college after completing my high school education from [name of the school]. I was issued a college identity card which is being used to get access to all the benefits and facilities including car/bike parking, entrance to the library, entrance to the main hall and games, and many others.

I lost the ID card on [date] and I kept searching for it at my home, gym, and other places at college as I thought I might have dropped it somewhere and will find it. Unfortunately, I could not find my card anywhere till today and therefore, I am helplessly writing to you to request a replacement.

I have provided all of my details below and request a replacement at the earliest possible so that I can use college facilities and borrow books from the library. Luckily, I have a copy of my ID card that I have attached to this application.

Full Name:


Roll Number:
Registration Number:

I assure you that I will take more care of my belongings and demonstrate responsibility towards college accessories. I will be very thankful to you if you excuse my negligence and direct the concerned person to issue a duplicate card.

Thank you in advance.


[name of the student]

Application for Loss of College Identity Card

(Sample #2)

Re. Lose of College ID Card and Request for New Card Issuance

Respected Dean,

I apologize for losing my college identity card somewhere. I understand that a college ID card is mandatory and a student should take good care of it with responsibility. However, it fell somewhere and I am unable to find it anywhere. I have searched it thoroughly but I am unable to find it.

I wrote an email to the concerned authorities to inform them but they have declined to cooperate and proposed that I write an application to you and get it approved for the issuance of a new card.

Sir, I understand that it might cause a little inconvenience, thus, I am sorry for the disruption. I assure you that I will be careful next time. A college ID is a must to access library books, issuance of notes and documents, class attendance, and entrance to the campus. Moreover, I am not allowed to park my bike in the student area without an ID card.

Sir, please be kind enough to approve my application so that I can get my card at the earliest possible and get access to all the college-mandated benefits and facilities.

I have attached my previous documents with this application and have them verified by the concerned government official for evidence. Moreover, I have attached a proforma for the loss of my ID card and mentioned all my credentials there. In case of any more information, I am available at [phone number] and [email address].

Thank you.


[Name of the Student]

Application for Loss of College Identity Card

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