To ease the complexity of business dealings, calculators are serving their best to calculate business expenses and cost. Simple calculators are being used online for adding and subtracting receivable and payable amounts, however, special finance-oriented calculators are also designed by software to minimize the glitches of financial calculations.

These are a bit sophisticated than an ordinary calculator as it has tabs to calculate the grand total, percentage, subtotal or tax rates. They have round-off functions and other user-friendly customized options to do the accounting and bookkeeping effortlessly.

Not just for business, these calculators are also helpful in other areas like a shopping list, school grades or percentages, calculating rent or mortgage percentages etc. Most of these online business calculators are pre-formatted with valid formulas and units to calculate the most appropriate readings.


They have a print option which aids you to take the handy print out of your calculation and you can then re-check it for any error or missed figures.

Elements of Online Business Calculators:

  • Simple functions as four operations in mathematics
  • Taxation, inventory, revenue cost, and percentage calculations
  • Built-in calculating formula
  • Customized to add, delete or modify the figures and formats
  • Easily solve business-related equations
  • Equipped with statistical formulas and calculus operations
  • Comprised of analytical tool, large storage memory, and cash flow tracking
  • Some calculators can display graphical representations of the business estimations

The example of Business Calculator Templates:

There are a number of templates available online for business calculations with easy to download and print options. Some of the business calculator templates are

  • Balance sheet calculator
  • Profit and loss calculator
  • Depreciation calculator
  • Marketing calculator

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