Sales Log

sales log template

DAILY, WEEKLY & MONTHLY SALES A sales log template can be very useful for a store’s daily cash register. On the other hand, this log can also be maintained for monthly evaluations. Overall, a sales log can help you keep a record for daily, monthly as well as annual sales. Different templates can be found on the World Wide Web. The layout of these templates varies. Therefore, you can easily choose the one which fulfills your requirements best. These templates can meet the needs of both small as well as…

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Weight Loss Log

weight loss log

WEIGHT LOSS & FITNESS Losing weight can be easier if it is done in an organized way. A weight loss log spreadsheet is just what you need. It helps you stay organized by maintaining a proper record. Often, professional physical trainers used such logs. Doctors, exercise coaches, and nutritionists also recommend it. It helps in keeping a track of your progress. In this way, it will be easier to find out how close you are to your goal. Likewise, you will be able to evaluate how much more effort is required.…

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Vehicle Mileage Log

vehicle mileage log

MILEAGE LOG A mileage log can be useful for your vehicle in a number of ways. It helps you keep a track of your fuel consumption. This is important for business trips since fuel charges are paid by the company. In this way, you will be able to differentiate between the personal and business use of your vehicle. Samples of vehicle mileage log template are available on the internet. These templates can be used to print a form for your own vehicle. This log is also important for future maintenance…

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Daily Work Log

Daily work log

WORK LOGS A daily work log is required to keep track of the productivity of employees. It can also be referred to as a work job sheet. A separate log can be maintained for each employee. The most basic form of a daily work log includes date, details about activities and number of hours. The manager or supervisor can add his or her remarks on daily basis or at the end of each week. Templates for a daily work log are easily available on the internet. It is available in…

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Contact Log Template

contact log template

PERSONAL & OFFICIAL CONTACTS All your contact interactions can be recorded in a contact log. It can be used for brief information or detailed records. In the case of latter, a record of your emails, official letters or phone conversations can be maintained. Therefore, you can choose the number of rows and columns accordingly. On the other hand, pre-made contact log templates can also be used. The internet offers a number of options. You can find the right template which is perfectly suitable for your needs. Certain changes can also…

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Car Maintenance Log

car maintenance log

AUTO REPAIR & EXCEL SHEETS Auto repair workshops need car maintenance logs for all their clients. This is an important record which helps in tracking past vehicle servicing. Important entries in the log include the date of the last oil change, battery replacement, air filter replacement and so on. This helps in calculating the total servicing charges and making the final bill. In addition, it is also important for fixing an appointment for the next servicing. Every car owner should keep a copy of their vehicle maintenance log with them. It is…

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Blood Sugar Log

blood sugar log

HEALTH & FITNESS Blood sugar logs are maintained at hospitals for diabetic patients. You can also maintain this record for yourself at home. It can also be useful for individuals who are at risk of developing the disease. Keeping a track of your blood sugar level can help you know where you stand. In this way, you can take the necessary precautions. In addition, changes can be made to the daily diet and exercise plan to control the blood sugar levels. Gadgets are now available which help individuals test their…

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Activity Log Template

activity log template

ACTIVITIES & LOGS An activity log is a comprehensive record of one’s personal, professional or official activities. One can tabulate all activities at one place to figure out the importance of different tasks at different times. The activity log can also record computer events in a sequential order. Such records can play an important role in catching misuse of computers in offices and public places. Often, they can also be used to track cyber crimes. A professional activity log can be for formal official purposes. Likewise, it is also available on certain…

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Daily Workout Log

daily workout log

DAILY WORKOUT SCHEDULES A daily workout log is important for proper physical training. It is often used by professional athletes. Beginners can also maintain a record for their daily exercise routine. It is particularly important for busy individuals. The log can help such people make a proper exercise schedule. It is also recommended to individuals suffering from obesity. People with other medical conditions can also maintain this record if they need to exercise on a daily basis for health reasons. Different types of daily workout log templates can be found…

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Call Log Template

call log template

OFFICIAL CALL RECORDS Maintaining a call log is very important for call centers. It is also used by several other organizations such as offices and business places. An organization can develop its own format for maintaining call records. In addition, call log templates can also be used. The internet provides a plethora of such templates. Columns are present for different types of information. You can record details about the caller, phone number, date and time as well as the duration of the call. Likewise, a call record can also contain…

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Parent Teacher Communication Log

parent teacher communication log

PARENT TEACHER COMMUNICATION A parent-teacher communication log is an important document at various education institutes. It is maintained for each student. The log helps in keeping a track of communication between parents and the institute’s administration or faculty. TEMPLATE Parent teacher communication log templates are available for free on the internet. These can help you with ideas about the format and layout of your these logs. A template can be printed out as it is. It can also be customized. Alternatively, it can also be carried out as an activity…

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Fuel Consumption Log

fuel consumption log

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE Fuel consumption logs are maintained for vehicles. These serve several useful purposes. For instance, you can evaluate the fuel economy of your automobile through this record. In addition, it also proves to be useful for making comparisons between two or more vehicles. This information can be very important for buyers of used cars. In fact, buyers should demand to have a look at the fuel consumption log of a used vehicle before making the final deal. On the other hand, owners can use this information to figure out…

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Vehicle Log Book

vehicle log book template

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE & REPAIR LOGS A vehicle log book maintains a record of the servicing of your automobile. Car workshops keep such records for each of their clients. Having a copy of your vehicle log with you will be helpful. You should get your vehicle serviced regularly. It is important to remember things like when you changed the oil last time. In this way, you will know when to visit the workshop next. A vehicle maintenance log record several numbers for your automobile. These include the mileage, date for the…

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Visitors Log Template

visitors log template

VISITORS RECORD SHEET A visitor log plays an important role in various organizations. It is widely used in the hotel industry. Similarly, it is also an important document for various other companies. It records information about any outsider visiting an office. A visitor’s name, his / her contact details, and purpose of the visit are recorded in the log. Visitors can be contacted later on by using the information stored in the log. On the other hand, it can also be useful for security reasons. The visitor log can be…

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