Payment Voucher Template

Payment voucher template

A payment voucher is an important financial document. It allows safe transactions to take place between the selling and buying parties. The voucher is given as a proof of payment by the buyer to a seller or service provider. In this way, it becomes legal evidence of a successful business transaction. This document is maintained as a record to avoid any financial disputes between the two parties. The voucher may serve various purposes. It can be used for payment instead of cash for the sake of security. On the other…

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purchase request form

VOUCHERS Having a voucher means you are having a document with some monetary aspect. It’s like a receipt or bill on which transactions are based. There are several forms of voucher like cash voucher; discount voucher, gift vouchers or travel voucher, each of the type is associated with the monetary use. Components of a Voucher: On a valid voucher a serial number, date, issuer and recipient names are generally mentioned. A simple paper voucher has these elements on it but nowadays vouchers are being designed on colorful papers with exotic…

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