Christmas and New Year Wish Letter to Employee

Re. Wishing Christmas and New Year to Our [name of the company] Family

Dear Staff, I am delighted to announce the greatest event of the year to which everyone looks forward. This time of merriment does not only bring happiness and celebrations but gives huge relief from the daily hectic routine filled with demanding busy schedules and non-stop work.

I find pleasure in sharing moments of happiness and celebrations with my [name of the company] family. We aspire to celebrate the event with our team members by throwing a Christmas party on [date]. At the party, you should show immense zeal and zest for the event.

However, it is not just a celebration that we are going to do, it will provide an opportunity to know each other and effectively collaborate in the business. As we always try to build a team who is cohesive and supportive of the company and each other, we always strive to have a chance to sit together in a work-free environment.

Officially, holidays for Christmas and New Year’s Eve have been announced by the executive committee. The office shall remain closed from [date] to [date]. We should reopen on [date] to resume our work. We hope you will take these vacations as a chance to relax and spend them in the best possible way to revitalize yourself and prepare yourself for work with more enthusiasm.

The new year gives you a chance to make new and better plans by reviewing what has been mistaken in the previous one. Therefore, we are having a meeting of all the departments in the conference hall where executive members of each department shall represent their teams. Team members of any department can approach their heads and submit their queries.

Please be regular at work as it reopens. Thank you.

Good Wishes!


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Re. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All the Staff Members of [name the company]

Dear Employees,

I am pleased to inform you that the Christmas downtime for all of you is here to unwind and get relief from all the stressful and sheer burden of work life. It is never easy to keep a balance between your personal and work life. One of the two is always on the edge of being compromised and neglected to a little extent. However, vacation breaks like Christmas and New Year come to get us a little relief and relaxation for a pretty long time.

I am very excited to announce the Christmas and New Year Eve’s holidays here. The office shall remain closed from [date] to [date]. No official work shall be done either on-site or online during this period. All the running projects shall be held from [date]. The clients shall be notified by the concerned departments’ heads and supervisors. Dispatching of any products and e-mailing during this period is strictly prohibited during these vacations.

We wish you a lot of happiness, good health, and great fortune on this occasion of merriment. We take this moment to appreciate you for your untiring services and dedication at work. We are obliged to you for your great work and sincere efforts for the company. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For any problems during vacation, Mr. [name] shall deal with the urgent queries. You can contact him during the holidays at [email]. Thank you.

Best Regards,



[date of release]

Christmas and new year wish letter to employee

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