Compliment Letter for Good Restaurant Customer Service

Re. Compliment for Great Customer Service

Dear Manager, I am specifically writing this letter to let you know about your customer service in the restaurant. I am [NAME] from the [NAME THE AREA AND CITY]. Due to the nature of my business work, I mostly have to eat out. Eating out has made me obese and overtly chubby. Recently, I started to follow a diet with professional help.

My nutritionist has strictly prohibited me to eat out, especially in restaurants having high carbs foods. My friends chose your place to dine out at [DATE]. I was very reluctant to eat at your restaurant at first, but I was hungry to reach your customer service for customized food.

I tried to make a deal for myself in low-carb and high-protein food. I was amazed at the great customer care of your restaurant. Most of the restaurants, I have visited, are staunch in their stance and service. The majority do not provide customizable food menus and they get offended if one asks for customization. I am very glad that you provide customization considering visitors’ health and medical situations.

I ordered a tuna salad along with a lemon drink which should be sugar-free. Although the drink had some extra sweeteners added, the salad was amazing. I ate one and got packed one for the next day. Since that day, I have become a huge fan of your service, delivery, ambiance, customer care, and taste.

I shall visit soon. You can contact me at [PHONE].



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Re. Complimenting the Best Services at Restaurant

Dear Mr. [NAME],

Generally, people are very outspoken and critique the places they visit. They carry their opinions and always put their opinions forth whether asked or not. I am much aloof to such a demeanor but today, I was compelled to appreciate the customer service I experienced at your restaurant.

I visited your restaurant along with ten other members of my team. I was conducting a casual meeting and catch-up call with my colleagues. I called them at home for the dinner but due to a certain situation, I had to change the plan and venue of the dinner at the eleventh hour. I was much concerned about choosing the right option as it needs nerves to choose a restaurant that has great taste, is budget-friendly, and great-to-go with colleagues. Due to professional commitments, I was very much concerned about the ambiance of the restaurant.

My second biggest reservation was the budget. I was amazed by looking at the bill. Your restaurant gave me an extra discount of X% making it super easy for me and I was relieved at the point of the cost of eating here too.

The third thing was the taste, and I am short of words for that. All the food was outstanding. I am very pleased as due to the sociable ambiance and fine food; my meeting went very well. Everyone was very comfortable and above satisfied with the taste and ambiance.

I am thankful to you for providing such services. I shall keep visiting this place in the future. Thank you.

Best Regards



Compliment Letter for Good Restaurant Customer Service

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