Court Appearance Excuse Letter for Work

Re. Excuse Letter for not Appearing for my Initial Proceedings w.r.t Case no. [mention the no.] dated [date]

Honorable Judge, this letter serves as an excuse letter for not appearing in front of the court of law on [date]. Respected your honor, I could not appear at the right time, the court had been adjourned at the moment I reached there. I can explain the reason why I could not make it on time. Please review my letter and accept my apologies in advance for the situation.

Your honor, I have been held responsible for a violation of the traffic law which resulted in a collision between two vehicles. According to the alleged statement made by the plaintiff, I was the one who made the violation, and it resulted in the collision. However, everyone was saved and not a single injury was reported. Unfortunately, one of the cars was damaged badly on the front side of the bonnet and the car windscreen was broken.

The car owner has reported a complaint in your court and claimed that the accident was my intentional error. I was on my way to work when the accident happened. I was walking on the pedestrian road and started crossing the road when the signal turned green. The situation can be accessed with the help of the security cameras inserted in each signal of the [name the location] square where the accident occurred.

Unfortunately, the court date and our meeting with an international client from [name the country] collided on the same day, therefore, I could not appear for the initial proceedings of the case. I was in thought that I can approach and hit it on time after the meeting. Due to the project complications, the meeting was extended for an hour, and I got late for the hearing.

I apologize for not appearing due to unavoidable reasons. I request you give me another date for the appearance and initial proceedings. I assure you that I will take an off from the work next time and arrive at the honorable court of law on time. I have also notified my lawyer Mr. [name] and his assistant about the rescheduling.

I sincerely apologize for my absence on [date]. I am looking forward to your kind reply. Thank you.


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Re. Court Appearance Excuse Letter

Reverend Judge,

I am [name], a resident of [mention precise location]. I have been allegedly held for the case of non-repayment of a bank loan which was credited on [date].

I regret to inform you that I had a very busy day at work, and I mixed the dates for other appointments. I am extremely sorry for my negligence. I could not appear in court for the legal proceedings of my case due to an important conference that was held for international clients and business tycoons in the business of marketing and development.

I have contacted my lawyer to provide all the evidence and explanation data for the case. The data can be produced in front of the honorable court in the next hearing. Please provide another date for the hearing. I assure you of my presence sharp at the right time. Please accept my apologies and excuse my absence from the court appearance due to work.

My case ID is [mention the case ID] and case file no. is [mention the case file no.]

Thank you in anticipation. I am looking forward to the next date for hearing of my case. Thanks.



Court appearance excuse letter for work

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