Employee No More with Company Announcement Letter

Re. Announcement of Mr. [name]’s Departure from the Company

Dear Staff, this letter addresses the departure of Mr. [name] who has been working in the department of Planning and Development as a Communication Expert. He joined this office in 20XX and worked with tremendous hard work and sheer honesty.

Recently, he went into an argument with his team leader and decided to resign. However, the company officials tried their best to intrude into this and settle the dispute. Unfortunately, the dispute did not end but hurled more negativity and arguments among colleagues.

Our office strongly condemns any such disputes and destructive exchange of argument. We always discourage being outrageous, intolerant, and ill-mannered in the office. Professionalism means not being outspoken but intelligent enough to avoid any heated argument.

Mr. [name] has decided to leave and has not agreed to stay. According to him, the argument caused him to compromise his self-respect and professional integrity. He is firm in deciding to leave. We are sorry to announce that he is not a part of this company anymore.

After this upheaval in the office premises, our CEO shall conduct a meeting session and urge for the formulation of such disciplinary measures that can avoid any dispute in the future.

The vacant seat of Mr. [name] shall be filled in shortly. His responsibilities have been shared among other employees. From today, Mr. [name] has been given the additional charge of Communication Expert of the DPD until further notice. We request you to gather in the conference hall of level 2 where our reverend CEO shall conduct a meeting on discipline and falling morality.

Thank you.



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Re. Announcement of Mr. [name]’s Resignation from his Job

Dear All,

The letter has been penned to announce that Mr. [name] has resigned from the office on three weeks’ notice. He has to move abroad and does not plan to continue working online, therefore, he will leave the office on [date].

This letter is to announce that he will not be part of this company anymore after [date]. We announce to all the clients and staff members his departure from the office so that they can communicate and administer their linked projects and assemble data tasks.

The company is trying its best to review available resumes and recruit to fill the vacant-to-be position of project assistant director. However, in case of delay in the recruitment process, duties and responsibilities of the position shall be designated to certain employees of the project management team.

We shall be glad if you refer suitable candidates for the recruitment of vacant position. The advertisement for the vacant position of project assistant director shall be out within three days.

You are invited to have a small get-together to bid farewell to our honorable employee Mr. [name] and have dinner together. This dinner is hosted by the company to cherish the moments with Mr. [name]. He has played a huge role in the success of the company by working hard and educating newcomers. We shall always honor Mr. [name] for his untiring services.

Thank you.

Best Regards


Employee No More with Company Announcement Letter

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