Employee Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is a letter written for the design of seeking employment, college application, internship, admission or other objectives by a presumptive person to accentuate for all the above-mentioned purposes for cognizance. It epitomizes the concerned person’s notoriety and his competence regarding accomplishing certain chores.

Various associations and educational institutes requisite before giving employment to individual this proof. Hence this written reference shows that the concerned person is suitable for the concerned job.


It also gives perceptible attestation to the appertain person as compared to a verbal one. Recommendation letters are of great significance because they provide the pertained about those characteristics which are not included in one’s resume and application. The surplus knowledge provided by the letters and corroboration from ostensible person enhances one’s chances of employment and admission.

A recommendation letter is supposed to be written by an authoritative person who is renowned for the requisition of endorsement. To quest for a recommendation from a person who does not know you well is not a wisely step. Better search for such a person who knows you well enough.

Hence, the person who doesn’t know you will not be able to give equity to you in his letter. You may be asked to write such letter being an executive and professor but if you feel that the requester is not capable for the concerned job then you should reprobate the recommendation in a courteous manner, thus they will find a plenty of time to find alternative solution for it but if you think that the concerned person is worthy enough then you should must acquaint him in writing recommendation letter.

The main object of a recommendation letter is to authenticate what the employer learns about the applier and accumulates questions about the applicant’s performance and habitude.

A person of authority with whom you have a well substantiate acquaintance with possible expertise in such matters. It can also be written by a friend, relative or nobleman depending upon the matter. If the applier has not given you the newfangled resume and details about the job, ask them to send the details so that you are fully fixed to write a recommendation. Their resume can be used to get a thorough understanding of their experiences and attainments.

The description that would be included in it should be based on their resume and your working experience with them. Recommendation letters are of different types based upon their purposes and utilization. 

Sample Recommendation Letter

Sylvia Elif

524 Main St., Valley Stream, PA 19, +1-XXX-555-666 [email protected]

September 28, 2020

Mr. Stalin Halker
Infosys Company
786 Main St.
Huston, WA 43389

To Whom It May Concern

It gives me immense pleasance to recommend Mr. Meezo as a candidate for the position of communication assistant at your organization. He had been working in my office on the aforesaid post from 2011-2018. As a communication assistant, he was supposed to maintain records of all official proceedings so as to ensure secrecy of the same. Throughout the time he spent with our organization, he executed all the tasks on time and demonstrated excellent critical and analytical skills which would make him a valuable employee at your organization.

He did a terrific job in his position and proved himself a no-parallel asset to our organization. He has been gifted with certain traits such as excellent communication and verbal skills, an extremely organized personality, an ability to work independently and to perform multi-tasks with zeal to wind up all within the specified time frame.

Moreover, as I remember, once he was given an additional duty of imparting training to our internees. Fulfilling our expectations, he accepted the challenge and completed this task in an efficient way. In spite of his busy schedule, he offered his assistance to all office mates through thick and thin. Consequently, he built his rapport with several constituents of the organization including employees, clients, and higher management by means of his professional behavior.

Keeping in view his performance, there would hardly be any exaggeration in stating that he is highly suitable for your organization by virtue of his excellent communication skills and trustworthy behavior. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.


Signature (Hard Copy Letter)

Sylvia Elif

Employee Recommendation Letter

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