Employment Verification Letter for Affidavit of Support

Re. Employment Verification to Validate Affidavit of Support (AOS)

To whom it may concern, I am Edward Muller and I have been working as a Finance Manager in Trenton Bells Groups in the GDS Area, South Carolina. I am greatly pleased to write a letter to confirm the employment status of [NAME] who is working as a Program Manager and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Social and Public Affairs (I-SPA), GDA Area of South Carolina. Over the previous decade, [NAME] has worked under my direct supervision. She has always been a great colleague and employee whom I can always trust to display sheer honesty and sincerity with work.

[NAME] being a development professional has a list of experiences in the forte of program development and management. She possesses great research skills that have always augmented her skillset at work. She has led, managed, coordinated, and executed numerous research, monitoring, and evaluation skills. Going through her profile, I understand that she can always manage a great job for her owing to an unending list of her skillset and experiences.

She is one of the great team players at our workplace as she embraces the work with high adaptability and can impart professionalism to her surroundings. She is honest and capable of working under pressure. Thus, I believe she can be a great sponsor to support her friend from [COUNTRY].

I have a firm belief in the potential and honesty of [NAME]. She is a wonderful one to sponsor her friend who wants to study and work in the US. [NAME] earns $[amount] annually which obviously means, she can easily manage to support her friend and meet her expenses.

For further queries, I can be reached at the email address and phone number appended below. Should you need any other information, please feel free to contact me at the given numbers.





1. Salary Slip
2. Appointment Letter
3. Letter of Acceptance by Human Resources
4. Letter from the Bank of [NAME] to substantiate [NAME]’s capacity to validate the Affidavit of support.

(Sample -2)

Re. Employment Verification for Affidavit of Support

Dear Sir,

This is [NAME] from [AREA, STATE, CITY]. I am writing to confirm my employment status along with evidence and a letter of recommendation from the bank. I am a self-employed person and I have been running my own warehouse in the [SPECIFY THE AREA]. I supply different types of goods all over the city. My business collaborates with online businesses and stores. I work for the delivery of the orders and provide transportation service for the delivery of the goods. The companies provide manpower and I provide the required routes, vehicles, and other means of management.

I earn $[X] per month. I have attached an e-statement duly approved by the bank of [NAME]. Owing to my monthly income, I believe that I am in the capacity to adjust a resident with me. Therefore, I confirm the sponsorship and responsibility of living for my cousin from [COUNTRY].

I also have attached a letter of recommendation from the branch manager of the bank of [NAME], [SPECIFY BRANCH/FRANCHISE] that validates the attached affidavit of support. In case of any queries, please contact me at [NUMBER] or write to me at [EMAIL].

Reference No. [#]

I am looking forward to your kind and earliest response.





Employment Verification Letter for Affidavit of Support

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