Invitation Templates


Inviting a guest over for an event needs to be done in a manner which speaks volumes about how much you would love them to have them over. Invitations need to be warm and according to the event. If you’re looking for a formal invitation then it needs to have the right balance of warmth and formality, and if it’s a casual one, then it needs to be set accordingly.


You can design your invitations according to the theme of the party. If you have a special color palette for the party, you can use those on the invitation cards to give it a nice touch. For example, if you have a red and black tie event, then you can use those colors on your invitations. Make sure that the invitations aren’t too big since they are a bit hard to handle. If you do want to go a bit big on the invitations, add a souvenir along with the invitation.


Make sure that all the details are mentioned on the invitation card. The date, the time of starting and the venue as well. You can always add a map on the back of the card if you feel that you guests might face a bit of hindrance in getting there. The RSVP number can be written on the bottom left or right.

Just always remember that you use a font that is readable along with the color of the text as well. Invitation cards that aren’t readable send out a message that the hosts didn’t care enough and probably the party will also be the same.

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