Letter for Performance Improvement Required Due to Conduct

Re. For Performance Improvement

Dear [Employee Name], this letter concerns an improvement in your performance and code of conduct at work. You have been working in this organization for x years and working as a [mention the designation] keeps you in an eminent position to act in a certain way that is professionally diligent, focused, and demonstrated efficiency.

However, a recent discussion on the employees’ code and performance reveals that you are lagging behind in acting professionally and taking in the organizations’ rules and regulations for the code of conduct and professional behavior. Hence, it is the foremost requirement to work in this company to behave highly professionally and in a certain way. Our code of conduct builds an environment around us which helps us in focusing on work and meeting the project deadline efficiently.

Improvement is required in two main areas of the code of conduct. One is to not argue with the supervisors and senior members of the team. You can definitely give your suggestions and opinion on a certain matter but in a rude way. However, you have been seen as a nice and kind coworker but the mentioned point of improvement reflects a series of incidents where you were observed as being rude to your seniors.

Another area of improvement is working on the project and assignments are given to you efficiently and accomplishing them within a given timeline. Not meeting deadlines and staying less focused at work comes in the premises of lack of interest and unprofessionalism. Such an attitude makes an employee dull and negligent. You should work on the pace of your work by learning time management skills along with the organization of the task keeping in view their priority.

We look forward to seeing a positive change in your demeanor soon after this letter. We expect you to behave in a certain way complying with the company’s policies and rules and staying productive and diligent at your tasks and projects.

We wish you the best of luck with your efforts to bring a positive change in your behavior. Thank you.


[Company Name]

Letter for Performance Improvement Required Due to Conduct

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Re. Letter for Performance Improvement

Dear Employee,

The letter serves as a notice for no improvement observed in your performance and overall demeanor. I am disappointed to see that even after serving you with a letter to look into the loopholes in your performance and asking for being vigilant at work, no change in the performance is seen.

Dear [Name], you were hired as a [mention the designation] with no prior experience in the field. During your recruitment process, you assured the recruitment team to work on your weaknesses and show us the best results. Although you were hired, concerns for your performance on the ongoing projects got intense.

We have been observing your professional performance for more than three months but unfortunately, we did not see any improvement in your performance. Your demeanor is unprofessional which is demonstrated by your attitude of not adopting the company’s policies and inability to accept the subordination of your seniors.

You have been non-punctual; demonstrated by your late coming to the office and leaving early without authorized permission. Please be informed that this degenerative performance improvement can cause your demotion. Remember that the company’s authorities will not tolerate this demeanor, especially, when an employee is under probation.

In case of further noncompliance to the company policies or no improvement in performance, you can be terminated from your designation without benefits. If there is any issue at work, you can openly discuss it with me or with the Senior HR Manager.

We expect you to show improvement in your performance and try your best to overcome the hurdles you could have at an early stage of learning. Thank you.


[Company Name]

Letter for Performance Improvement Required Due to Conduct

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