Letter to Dispute HOA Violation Letter

Re. Responding to the HOA Violation Letter Dated [date] w.r.t. Section-vii

Dear Manager, this is [name], from the [specify your residence precisely], [city], [state]. On [date], I received a letter from the Homeowners Association (HOA) board of [name the HOA community]. The letter stated a number of violations and asked for a response letter and present the valid reasons for the violation. Moreover, the letter, by mentioning certain regulations and bylaws of the HOA of the state, asked for certain penalties that can be inflicted in case of non-satisfactory presentation of the arguments.

The letter states that I am a violator of the following regulations that have caused a disruption in the area. However, it is also mentioned that several complaints have been filed against my conduct that comes under the violation of HOA rules and regulations.

The violations stated in the letter are:

  1. Pet disruption, i.e., the over-barking of my dog
  2. Illegally renting level 2 of my house
  3. Unauthorized parking in the area
  4. The unauthorized decor of the house

Manager, I want to clarify that I have been living here since 20xx which means I have spent [x] years in the community. For [x] years, there were no violations committed. I believe it is a smeared campaign against me by some of the community holders. I shall present my arguments on the day of the hearing with valid substantiations. Contact me at [phone number] if needed.

Thank you for sending me the letter.



(Sample -2)

Re. Disputing the HOA Violation Notice date [date] Concerning Bylaws of the Community Association

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to respond to the HOA violation notice sent to me by the HOA board on account of certain disruptions that were not caused by me but by the whole community. However, I am writing to render my right of explanation, disputing and arguments with valid points and showing the cause of the happening.

It is understood that I am a fresh resident in the area [specify the area]. I signed my membership with the HOA board on [date]. I am explaining each point by presenting rational arguments in the following. Please be kind to read them and respond:

  • In the violation notice, it has been stated that I have been violating the bylaws and regulations of the HOA community laws for [x] weeks. However, I have been a member of the HOA community for [x] weeks which repudiates the violation and prove it to be an allegation.
  • It is stated in the notice that I have been putting my trash box in the wrong area and beside the road disrupting the traffic. For your information, I have always been using my back door for the trash box, therefore, it is unacceptable to state that my trash box is always in the wrong place. However, the trash collector put the box in the wrong place once which I corrected later.
  • It is also stated in the notice that my vehicle is always parked on the wrong door, as it is always in front of the next house [house no. a-x]. It is to inform you that the same house owner [house no. a-x] has two cars parked in the queue. They usually leave one of their cars at my door which leaves me to park in front of their door.

Please, let me know if my explanation is unsatisfactory or if I have to present my arguments at the hearing necessarily. Thank you for giving me a chance to explain.

Please verify the above statements and respond to me accordingly as the hearing date muddles with my busy schedule. Thank you.

Contact me at [email] or [phone].


[specify the residence]

Letter to Dispute HOA Violation Letter

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