Medical Form & Templates

Health care is the area which has to be taken very seriously for every feature, either it is to attend a doctor’s appointment or claiming for your health insurance, health care issues are dealt with concern and determination. Suppose you are in an emergency and are not able to tell your health condition then how could the physician know about you. Yes, this is your medical history form that tell how well were you in the past and how to treat you in future.

Types of Medical Forms

  • Claiming a health insurance needs a written document. This document is further processed to complete your health insurance proceedings it means a health insurance form is vital for such purpose
  • If the surgeon is in doubt whether to attempt a surgical treatment or not, he needs at the patient consent to advance and this consent has to be documented to provide as an evident proof in future.
  • A good institution is always concerned about their student’s health and maintains an annual health report of every child in their records via student’s health form.
  • A list of medication with proper dosage is logged to give you the routine of your medication in your medicine log. If you forget to chart such routine then you might miss the dose. This is a serious issue if neglected by the staff nurses in the hospital.

The above all medical forms are essential to document for a healthy survival and to ease the manual writing you can download the free on-line templates of various medical forms with editable options to write a form in a concise format which could be printed for future use.

Here is some commonly used forms with preview and download options.


Yearly Physical Examination Form

Yearly physical examination formFile Size: 88 kb







School Medical Form

school medical formFile Size: 29 kb







School Leave Medical Form

school leave medical formFile Size: 31 kb







Respiratory Infection Record Form

Respiratory infection record formFile Size: 49 kb







Pet Health Record Table

pet health record tableFile Size: 36 kb







Pet Care Instructions Form

pet care instructions formFile Size: 71 kb







New Patient Information Sheet

new patient information sheetFile Size: 73 kb







Medical History and Screening Form

medical history and screening formFile Size: 46 kb







Medical Claim Form

Medical claim formFile Size: 55 kb







Massage Therapy Intake Form

Massage Therapy Intake FormFile Size: 55 kb







Job Leave Medical Form

job leave medical formFile Size: 70 kb







Dog Vaccination Chart

dog vaccination chartFile Size: 76 kb







Diabetes Management Sheet

Diabetes Management SheetFile Size: 62 kb







Diabetes Care Log for Schools

Diabetes care log for schoolFile Size: 61 kb







Daily Medication Schedule Template

Daily medication scheduleFile Size: 28 kb





Daily Calorie and Fat Percentage Log

daily calories and fat percentage logFile Size: 44 kb





Childbirth Hospital Packing Checklist

Childbirth hospital packing checklistFile Size: 99 kb







Patient Progress Notes Form

patient progress notesFile Size: 39 kb







New Patient Registration Form

New patient registration formFile Size: 71 kb







Medical Consent Form

Medical consent formFile Size: 39 kb


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