Payroll Clerk Resume Summary


A dexterous and top-drawer payroll clerk that manages payroll checks for the organization or university to make certain they are dispatched to the proposed recipient. Categorizes and assembles records of payroll department as well as data cards and down payment information. Sorts out and assembles employees’ particulars on excel. An exuberant individual that reconciles payroll disparity by scrutinizing and collecting information.

Organizes payroll search outs by ensuing procedures, policies and set forth demanded changes. Having the experience of working for 15 years as a payroll clerk field and has served in more than 5 institutes. Focused on maintaining employee reliance and to save payroll operations by supervising information intimate. A well-built and financially gaining payroll clerk that has an exceptional employee service record.


A proficient and competent individual that enables managing and starting up of numerous projects concurrently. Makes certain the perfection and exactness in managing payroll checks and is capable of providing all the information concerning to employee’s record, payroll, balance, and other details of the same kind.

A wizard person that has profound skills to tackle employees and maintenance of their record concerning tax and other businesses wholly unofficial. Has the capability to grasp all the information allied to business payments. A hardworking chap having great zeal to demonstrate perfect and canonical reports to the company’s account managing department. Can work in any arduous ambiance and expert in analyzing and viewing errors. Upskills and edifies other accomplices for dealing with different managements in the company.


A mannered and adept payroll clerk that handles the tasks associated with payroll checks for the organization. Having the vast experience of serving in this field for more than 15 years and works every arduous work deliberately. Maintains the official record of each employee as well as other things of the same kind. Pursuing work in such an ambiance where skills can easily be demonstrated and transferred to employees. Searching for a well-established organization to deal with the accounting system and where giving and learning can easily be approachable.

Has earnestness to give assistance in maintaining budgets, financial reports, and payrolls and performs duties well as well as provides assistance to the employees. Lenses on communicating with companies to format information related to payroll and tackles the task of the question asked by administrative authorities and supervisors related to timecards, paychecks, and other similar issues. Organizes monthly and annual reports asked by governmental authorities. Emphasized on keeping employees’ credit and keeps information official information secret. A skilled and beneficial payroll clerk that has well-established employee service documentation.

A consummate and hardworking individual that ensures directing and commencing of numerous projects simultaneously. Capable enough to demonstrate extraordinary skills concerning training, system resolution, and nurturing of the system. Executed new techniques and procedures for a new program to operate payroll. Conceives information and settles the issues to operate payroll concisely with the help of transition.


A sturdy and experienced payroll clerk that organizes research as compulsory to sort out the issues and supposed questions and manages the arduous tasks related to payroll checks of the company. Has the experience of 10 years of working as a payroll clerk and has given his services in numerous organizations? Collects information for resolving and tackling the issues to operate payroll explicitly by way of transition.

A competent payroll clerk that maintains and makes the documents of accounting and deals with a vast system of digitized counting. Substantiates and posts the particulars associated with the company’s accounting system being followed up each day. Prepares down payment files of the company for completion of course of action carried out at closing month. Lenses on dispensing clerical aid to the company’s accounts department.

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