Self-Employment Letter for Immigration

Re. For the Immigration

Dear Sir, I, [NAME OF THE APPLICANT], am a self-employed person. I own the business of import and export since 20XX. [NAME OF THE COMPANY] is my firm. It was established by my late father in 199X. Unfortunately, my father died of cardiac arrest four years before. The company was shifted to my inheritance under section [NAME THE LEGAL SECTION] which allows me to own the property. I have completed all the paperwork.

The company is working in various sections. It has three departments: the manufacturing department, marketing and content management, and the department of policy and planning. I have 39 employees in my company.

I want to get a B-2 non-immigrant visa for [NAME THE COUNTRY YOU WANT TO GO] and expand my business there. My business has been growing at a faster pace and therefore, I plan to channel the growth and take it to the international level. It will help boost the country’s economy by working internationally bringing customers from other states and countries as well.

I have a vision of expanding and spreading the business to at least four neighboring countries. It will also help in building good ties with other countries and their entrepreneurs. This will give our people a chance to learn from foreigners and their techniques of industrial management.

Sir, I request you to appoint a meeting for further discussion and process further for the further processing of my application. I have attached copies of all the required documents as told by the customer care manager of your office. You should not hesitate in contacting me at [PHONE] for any queries. Thanks in anticipation!




Re. Self-Employment Letter for the Immigration Office w.r.t. Visa Application to Study Abroad

Dear Manager,

I am [NAME] residing currently [SPECIFY AREA, CITY, AND STATE]. I have been living here since 20XX. I am a freelancer by profession, and I work as a content writer. I also work as a virtual manager for specific clients and projects. I earn approximately $[X] per month.

I am applying for a visa for [NAME THE COUNTRY]. My profile complies with the rules and regulations of immigration demands. Also, my bank statement is up to the mark of demand. I am applying for a study visa and work permit for three years. I have got admission to the [NAME THE PROGRAM] at the University of [NAME THE UNIVERSITY, STATE, & CITY]. I also have paid my half tuition fee. The rest of the formalities shall be formed after the visa confirmation. For this purpose, I have attached copies of all the required documents.

I request you please let me know of anything I need to do further to speed up the processing of my visa application. To refer to my freelance work, I have attached evidence of work and payment with the letter.

I am looking forward to hearing from you at earliest. Thank you.

Contact Details:

Call or WhatsApp: [PHONE]

Email address: [EMAIL]




Self-Employment Letter for Immigration

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