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Teacher’s Weekly Lesson Planner

teacher weekly lesson plannerA teacher’s weekly lesson planner helps the teacher to make plans for the upcoming week. It also helps a teacher to maintain a balance in his personal life with the teaching life. Lesson planner has always helped the teachers in many ways. There’s no need to make it a professional. You can also make it rough as long as you understand it. Moreover, a lesson planner also helps the teacher to get set for the upcoming lessons. He also gets the chance to prepare for the lectures he/she had to deliver in the next class.

A teacher with a weekly lesson plan cannot lose. Just imagine that you start your first day in the class without any preparation, how would you feel? Hence, the people without the plans always fail.



Teacher Message to Parents Sheet

teacher message to parent sheetParent teacher communication plays the best part in grooming the children. This communication helps both the parents and teachers to understand where their child is standing in studies. The teacher message to parents can be in a variety of ways, through emails, phone call and by contacting through the school authority. This contact can also bring smiles as well as sorrow on the face of the parents of the student. If there is a good news, the teacher will praise the child in all ways and if there’s something bad, that will totally go against the student. There is another reason for parent teacher messaging. Imagine being a teacher, the parents of your student are worried about his studies, you do not need to call them, you can easily provide them relief by raising their child in a single message.


Teacher Grade Books

Teacher grade book based on averagesGrading has always been an important factor for the bright future of the students. It helps the teachers to examine where their students stand in the subject they teach. It also helps the teacher to understand the level of their students in that particular area of study. Moreover, grading also helps the students in a great way. As all the universities and colleges depend on the previous grades the student has earned, so it carries great importance. So, it is mandatory for a teacher to make a grade book as a record for the future. There are a few things that should be kept in mind while making a teacher’s grade book.

First of all, make a list of the students in your class. Make a grading box for all students. You can also subdivide the grading box into behavior, quiz, assignments, midterms and final terms. That makes it easy for a teacher to make decisions.



Substitute Teacher Instructions Form

substitute teacher instruction formImagine yourself as a substitute rookie teacher, who enters into a class unprepared. How would you feel with no preparation for your first? No one can underestimate the importance planning for the first class as a substitute teacher. So, while preparing the instructions for a substitute teacher, don’t forget to add the following.

  • Always make the class schedule.
  • Make a seating for all the classes.
  • Don’t forget to make a map of the school. And, if you have more than one class to teach, make the directions for each class you teach.
  • Add important information for the class which mostly includes medical conditions.
  • Don’t forget to make a copy of your policies that every student has to follow strictly.
  • Finally, add your contact number along with your email address.


Student Detention Sign in Sheet

student detention sign in sheetDetention is a punishment given in schools to the students, in which the students are kept in the school for several hours. This was the scariest punishment of its time. The students were not allowed to leave the school for several hours after the classes end. The student detention sign in sheet helps to keep the record of the students who are punished. This record also helps the school authority to control the illegal activities in the school. This student detention sign in sheet consists of the following instructions;

  • Class name (section).
  • Date
  • Teacher name.
  • Session number.
  • A block of student names.
  • Grades
  • Time served block.
  • Supervisor initials.

You can easily get a student detention sign in sheet on the internet, on a variety of websites.


Student Attendance Record

student attendance recordRecords in a school play an important role in keeping the data safe and secure from being trashed out. The student attendance record plays an important role in the security of the students. It also helps the teachers to know, which student is not taking the regular classes. It also helps the teacher to judge the attitude of the students towards the studies. The school attendance records are mandatory in every school, as the students nowadays are not serious about their studies. They keep on absenting from the schools. The school attendance record consists of the following items;

  • Serial number.
  • Name of students.
  • Time of the lecture.
  • Attendance and absentees block.
  • Remarks

These attendance records can also be shown at the time of parent-teacher meetings along with the exam reports, held in the school every month.


Speech Outline Sheet

speech outline sheetExtracurricular activities play an important role in the grooming of the student in all ways. These activities help the students to enhance their abilities in other activities also. The speeches are also the best extracurricular activities. The speeches help to sharpen the minds of the students. Besides that, a few speeches also motivate the student in all manner Now, a speech always has an outline sheet, which everyone has to follow to get the best performance awards. The outline is explained underneath;

  • Topic name on the top of the sheet.
  • The general and specific purpose of the speech.
  • Introductory part (connection with the audience, establishing credibility, preview the main points).
  • Body (Main points, supporting points)
  • Conclusions (summary of your main point, concluding remarks)

Following the above outline sheet, can surely help you in your best performance for speech.


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