A worksheet is defined as a piece of paper which has a set of questions or tasks needed to be completed by a pupil to help note down their progress and to help them practice as well. Almost all the subjects that are taught in schools and colleges make use of worksheets since they help the student to improve his/her performance and also helps the professor in knowing where the student stands.

A worksheet is mostly used for teaching subjects that require calculation or the learning of a new language. Many times, science subjects are also taught by the use of worksheets. Worksheets consists of small questions which mostly require to the point answers. Often many times, it is required that a student show the whole working on a worksheet along with writing an answer as well.


A good and effective worksheet consists of questions that are not too long, so that the pupil gets bored and have space left for answers. Taking great care in considering the fact that the questions mentioned in a worksheet are logical, clear and plausible is an essential part to be considered when designing and making a worksheet.


Usually MS word is used to make the worksheets, but for mathematical worksheets, many prefer using MS excel.
It is best that one uses the standards defined the educational institution when making a worksheet, working along those standards and requirements can be helpful in making the most effective and the most efficient.


Worksheets can be extended to utilize for personal and professional purpose also. A worksheet can be designed to keep an eye on daily chores, it can be used to schedule exercise also. Worksheets in business highlight if some important task is pending and give orientation to employees.

Here is a collection of Worksheet Templates

Mortgage Qualification Worksheet

mortgage qualification worksheet

File Size: 72 kb | Download


Controllable Time Worksheet

Controllable time worksheet

File Size: 32 kb | Download


Consulting Price Worksheet

Consulting price worksheet

File Size: 48 kb | Download

Loan Analysis Worksheet

loan analysis worksheet

File Size: 48 kb | Download


Diet and Exercise Analysis Worksheet

Diet and exercise analysis worksheet

File Size: 96 kb | Download

Personal Monthly Budget Worksheet

personal monthly budget worksheet

File Size: 44 kb| Download

Business Acquisition Worksheet

business acquisition worksheet

File Size: 32 kb | Download

Business Activity Report Worksheet

business activity report worksheet

File Size: 30 kb | Download

Personal Goal Worksheet

Personal goal worksheet

File Size: 28 kb | Download

Home Construction Budget Worksheet

home construction budget worksheet

File Size: 113 kb | Download

Inventory Worksheet Template

inventory worksheet templateFile Size: 43 kb | Download

Nursing Data Worksheet

nursing data worksheet

File Size: 68 kb | Download

Bathroom Remodel Cost Worksheet

Bathroom remodel cost worksheet

File Size: 40 kb | Download

College Comparison Sheet

college comparison sheet

File Size: 35 kb | Download

Bi-Weekly Time Sheet

biweekly time sheet

File Size: 36 kb | Download

Customer Information Sheet

client information sheet

File Size: 46 kb | Download

Equipment Maintenance Worksheet

equipment maintenance worksheet

File Size: 26 kb | Download

Bill Payment Worksheet

Bill payment worksheet

File Size: 34 kb | Download

Convenience Store Inventory Worksheet

convenience store inventory worksheet

File Size: 48 kb | Download

Money Spending Plan Worksheet

Money spending plan worksheet

File Size: 30 kb | Download


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