Warning Letter for Performance Issue


Fails to meet job performance expectations

This is concerning your biannual performance evaluation. Regretfully, you have failed to meet the job performance expectations. Your supervisor is not satisfied with your work, while the clients have also been coming up with complaints regarding your inefficiency.

Consider this a formal warning about the issue. You must make an effort to bring substantial improvement to your performance. Seek your supervisor’s guidance for this purpose. We expect prompt results. On the other hand, continued poor performance might lead to your termination.

We hope to see improvement soon.


Fails to complete assigned tasks

This letter serves as a warning regarding your poor performance at work. Despite your qualifications and expertise as an IT technician, you fail to complete most of the tasks assigned to you. Your lack of problem-solving skills and efficiency disrupts the entire workflow.

The management is putting you under observation for the coming two weeks. You must prove your capabilities during this time through diligence and hard work. Overcome challenging problems and complete all assigned tasks on time. If you continue your poor performance, the company will replace you with a more competent candidate.

We hope to see an improvement in your performance soon.


Doesn’t achieve required goals

We are writing to address an important concern regarding your performance at work. You have failed to achieve the required sales goals in the last two months. The management expects to see a drastic improvement in your performance to avoid disciplinary action.

We understand some challenges hinder progress. However, every employee should work diligently to achieve their work objectives. This is extremely important for the overall progress and growth of the company. Keeping this in mind, we expect you to work harder and show improvement.

Continued failure to meet the expected goals may result in strict disciplinary action, including the termination of the job. Therefore, you are advised to pay more attention to your sales strategies so that you can achieve the set goals.


Failed to meet the deadline

This is an official warning for your performance issues at work. You failed to meet an important deadline for our project with XYZ clients. This was an important consignment, and your inefficiency has been costly for the company.

You are required to present a report to the management with details of the project timeline and tasks. Point out the challenges and reasons for the missed deadline. After reviewing the report, the management will decide on a suitable disciplinary action for you. Till then, you will be moved to the ABC department to work under John Doe. No important tasks will be assigned to you, and you will not be given the leadership role for any project.

You may contact HR for further queries and details.

Warning letter for performance issue


Poor quality of work and productivity

The purpose of this letter is to address issues related to your poor performance and low productivity at work. Your supervisor has pointed out that you have not been a useful member of the team since we hired you for the job position. Unless you make efforts to bring substantial improvement to your performance, management might consider disciplinary action against you.

Please contact XYZ for more details. He will be happy to guide you toward improvement. You must perform better if you want to avoid termination.

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