Project Execution Confirmation Letter

Letter 1

I am writing to confirm my approval of the project execution plan. I have gone through the specifications and documentation for the proposed approach. I am satisfied with your plan of action.

Kindly keep me updated about the progress. Inform me immediately if you encounter any issues regarding the resources. Additionally, please ensure all tasks are performed within the deadline.

Thank you for your services.  


We are writing with regard to the project execution (details). We have received your updates, and the results are currently under review. We will reach you in a couple of days with our feedback.

Thank you for your work.


I am writing to congratulate the team on the successful execution of Project XYZ. I appreciate the team’s hard work and dedication that led to the timely completion of the assigned tasks.

The client has sent his feedback and is satisfied with the final results. We may receive new tasks in the coming week. Therefore, I ask the team to prepare for the upcoming job and execute the new project with the same dedication and expertise.

Once again, thank you for your commendable work.

Project Execution Confirmation Letter


I am writing to confirm the achievement of the first milestone of our project. I am satisfied with the job and appreciate the effort. Please continue with the remaining tasks with the same attention to the details.

Kindly keep the timeline in mind. We would like to achieve the remaining milestones before the end of October, as discussed previously.

Don’t hesitate to reach out in case of any queries or issues.


I am delighted to inform you that our team has successfully executed Project XYZ. We have dispatched the consignment, and it will reach you in 3 to 5 business days.

Kindly inspect the products and provide us with your feedback as soon as possible. We hope you like the quality and customization. However, we will be more than happy to make modifications if you are not satisfied.

I look forward to your input.


This is to inform you that Project ABC has been executed successfully. The team has completed the assigned tasks within the given timeframe with exceptional results.

Please find attached a breakdown of the milestone details for your reference. I am also enclosing the invoice for the additional resources.

Kindly review the details and let us know your feedback.


I am writing to confirm that the consignment XYZ has been received. We have inspected the products and are satisfied with the quality.

Kindly email us your invoice so that we can make the remaining payment.

Thank you for your services.

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