Sales Reports for Daily Weekly & Monthly Business

Sales Report Template

A wise person always tries to look for the things that will assist him in future. Many people just plan the present but there are some intelligent minds who forecast the future and plan tasks for that. A very important point in planning and sequentially implementing tasks is “note down” what you are doing and what will be done in future. This will ease you in various ways. For example, there are some people who forget what they have done and by having a look at their notes, they will…

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Absence Request Form

Absence request form

Whenever you want to take some time off from work, you will have to seek permission from the key stakeholders. This is the policy of the company that most businesses strictly follow. A person needs to get permission before going on leave because the uninformed absence of one person can cause serious problems for the business or for those who are present and working to fulfill their own responsibilities. What is an absentee request form? An absence request form, also known as a leave request form, is filled out by…

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Customer Service Survey Form

Customer services survey form

For almost every organization, customers are the most important entity, and their reviews and level of satisfaction bother them a lot. They know that if they do not pay attention to the likes and dislikes of their customers, they will not be able to expand their business. By customer service, we mean listening to the problems and issues of the buyers and providing them with a viable solution. It also means that customers are happy with the way a business has chosen to deal with them. To deal with the…

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Employee Profile Template

Employee profile template

Every employee in an organization has a profile that is related to the post he is working on. Companies usually create these profiles to maintain the data of every person who works for them. When every employee has a profile in the company database, it is a clear way for the company to have access to each person. A company also finds it easy to deal with different situations when it is aware of every person’s biodata that he or she has chosen to share with the company through its…

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Office Activities Priority Matrix

Office Activities Priority Matrix

Numerous activities are executed in an office, depending on the type of office. If the office is large, these activities will also be more numerous, which will make it quite challenging for people to manage all of them at once. One of the finest strategies to manage office tasks is to prioritize them. When all the actions to perform are scheduled according to the significance they hold, everything in the office becomes manageable. This is why people like to use an office activity priority matrix. What is an office activity…

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Delivery Note Template

Delivery note template

A delivery note is an important document that is attached to the product or package that is being shipped from the sender to the receiver. In the business world, it is also known as the delivery receipt. It is necessary to mention here that a shipment without a delivery note is impossible since it provides essential information about the items that are packed in the shipment. Why do businesses use delivery receipts? Whoever sends the parcel to someone always makes use of this note and pastes it on the shipment…

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Payment Voucher Template

Payment voucher template

Many people make payments on business days. Businesses also pay money to various clients and sellers. In other words, they keep dealing with cash and other modes of payment. Remembering each and every payment and the details of who paid it, what the amount was, on what time and date it was paid, and some other pertinent details is not possible. Therefore, people use a document that is commonly used as a payment voucher. What is a payment voucher? A payment voucher is a financial document that is used to…

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New Company Setup Checklist

New company setup checklist

Establishing a new business is not a piece of cake. There are so many steps involved that ensure the success of a business. Because of this, only experts with extensive knowledge can start a new business. However, people who are at the entry-level might also want to be successful entrepreneurs, but they need some special strategies to follow for the successful establishment of a company. One of the best strategies is to use the checklist when you are all set to start a new company. What is a new company…

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Company Profile Template

Company profile template

If you want to start your company and let everyone know about your business goals, you will need to create a company profile. However, it is very important to remember that the profile of the company is much more than the business goals. What is a company profile template? Those who want to earn the trust and confidence of people have to create a profile and give a description of their company so that people can decide whether it can be trusted or not. One big problem is that people…

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Scope of Work Template

Scope of work template

When a company starts working on a project, it defines the scope of work at a very early stage because it lets everyone know about the specifics of the work. The project team also comes to know how much work it is supposed to do, as anything that lies within the scope is mandatory to be done, and if the work is outside the scope, accomplishment of it will not have any benefit to the team. Therefore, scope is the most critical factor to be taken into account whenever a…

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Financial Business Calculators

Financial calculator

#1 Annuity Payout Calculator The term annuity means an investment that provides many payments in exchange for an initial lump sum. By definition, the word annuity refers to any terminating stream of fixed payments over a specified period of time. For example, the amount you pay monthly as your home mortgage payment and regular deposits to your savings account. An annuity calculator is a device that is used to calculate annuity payout. With an annuity payout calculator you can perform several tasks in the form of calculations; such as: You…

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Accounts Receivable Ledger

Accounts receivable ledger

It is a professionally used tool that businesses use these days for record-keeping purposes. When customers buy products from a business on credit, they are given an account that they own in the business. A business keeps track of all the credit it is yet to receive from its customers in the receivables ledger.A sales ledger is one of the most important tools of a business, as it makes the accounting system of the company smooth and also helps the business monitor and manage all the money that is to…

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Employee Performance Report Sheet

Employee performance report

An employee is a driving force of an organization. The performance of a worker in a company has a very strong effect on the entire company and the output it generates. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that employees are performing up to par. Companies encourage and admonish employees based on their performance, and they believe that this act improves their performance to a large extent. Now the question is how a company comes to know about the performance of an employee. For this purpose, trackers and reports…

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Sales Log

Sales log template

As the name suggests, this log is the document prepared by salespersons to maintain the record of all the sales in an organized way. The success of a brand mainly depends on the number of sales it carries out in a specific period. Salesmen are given the responsibility to perform the sales. Therefore, their performance is measured in terms of how many sales they have made. The statistical data regarding sales of products can be obtained from a well-maintained log or record book. Why is it essential to use a…

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Employee Training Tracker

Training an employee is an essential part of his job because it is only through training that he becomes the best fit for the position to which he has been appointed. By learning the necessary skills from one job, an employee becomes well-equipped with the skills, and then he can get a promotion or even better opportunities in other companies. All the big organizations work on the professional grooming of their workers. They add this to the system of the company and make sure that every person who joins that…

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