Warning Letter for Inappropriate Behavior

Inappropriate Behavior

I am writing to address a matter of utmost concern regarding your inappropriate behavior at work. It has been reported that you have displayed inappropriate conduct on several occasions with your colleague. This goes against our company’s policies and code of conduct.

The recent incident reported against you occurred on (date). Your use of offensive language with your colleagues on this occasion has violated the company’s rules of behavior. You must behave according to our code of conduct and display respectful behavior towards everyone at the office.

If you continue with your inappropriate behavior, there will be strict disciplinary action against you. You are, therefore, advised to take this warning seriously and show immediate improvement in your behavior.

I expect to see a positive change soon.

Disruptive Behavior

This letter serves as a warning letter against your disruptive behavior. Your colleagues have complained that you cause a disturbance with frequent phone calls. This leads to a disruption in everyone’s work.

Let us remind you that receiving and answering personal phone calls during work hours is strictly prohibited in the office. However, you have been ignoring this rule. As a result, your teammates and colleagues struggle to focus on their work.

It is strongly advised that you cease the disruptive behavior immediately. If you are found receiving personal calls during office hours in the future, there will be strict action against you.

We believe that you take this warning seriously and bring about an improvement in your work behavior.

Warning letter for inappropriate behavior

Unprofessional interactions with colleagues or customers

We are writing in response to a customer complaint received against your behavior. According to the complaint, on (date), your interaction with a customer was inappropriate. This goes against our company’s standards and may cause our reputation to be tarnished.

This letter is a warning to you for the reasons stated above. You may face the possibility of termination if such an incident happens in the future.

You must take this warning seriously and behave with customers according to our company’s code of conduct.

Violations of workplace conduct standards

This warning letter is being issued in response to your violation of workplace conduct standards. Your behavior has resulted in the disruption of workflow at our office. This goes against the company’s code of conduct.

You are advised to revise the company’s policies regarding employee behavior. We expect you to behave according to our company’s conduct standards.

Kindly contact the HR department for further guidance.

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