Summer Holiday Activity Calendar

Summer comes with plenty of free time that every person wants to utilize in the best possible way. To meet the need to be productive during leisure time, people need to keep an eye on their activities. This way, they will be mindful of all the tasks they perform during the summer season. For parents, it is even more important to make sure that their kids are engaged in something healthy and productive. Therefore, they schedule activities to keep their kids engaged in healthy activities. What is a summer holiday…

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Program Catalog Template

What is a program catalog? A catalog is a comprehensive description of a program run by an educational institute. Colleges and universities launch many educational programs for students. Those who want to be enrolled in those disciplines usually want to know about them in detail. Considering the needs of the students, a catalog is prepared, which is known as a program catalog. What does a program catalog do? The main objective of creating a document with a detailed description of an academic program is to promote that program and let…

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Lined Paper Templates

Lined paper 0.5 inch left side border letter format RED & BLUE

Whether your child is practicing to improve his handwriting or wants to take notes, it is always useful to make use of lined paper. A decorated and beautiful paper improves the quality of the work done on it. Taking notes or writing down a poem on lined paper makes it look more beautiful. Lined paper templates: The template for lined paper is available and can be found on this website which is ready to download and print. The line papers are available in different sizes, and the user can use…

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Student Drawing Activity Pages

Daylight saving time activity page

At primary and elementary levels, students are often engaged in different types of educational content to keep their minds busy. In addition, the mind of a child at such a young age is very sharp and ready to learn everything so easily. However, kids often get bored with the traditional teaching methods and they want to learn in different ways. Therefore, different educational institutes introduce drawing and other types of mental activities for kids. What are student drawing activity pages? Drawing pages are such pages that are used in educational…

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Graph and Handwriting Practice Papers

Graph paper

Graphs and handwriting practice papers are specialized sheets that play an important part in educating students. While graphs are used primarily in mathematics, handwriting practice is for languages. Let’s discuss graphs and handwriting practice papers separately. The Use of Graph Papers The main use of graph papers is the representation of data in various formats. These may be pie charts, linear graphs, diagrams, and more. These graphs then display data that can be easily analyzed. Here are the uses of graph papers: While a graph or chart can also be…

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Grade Books

Teacher grade book based on percentages

A grade book is an electronic tool or a grade book can also be a piece of paper that allows the teacher to deal with the grades of the students. A grade book allows the teacher to enter several grading rubrics using different performance criteria. The designing of grade books consists of several steps. These are first planned by educationists, proofread and approved and, finally, printed by publishers. This process has to be carried out carefully since grade books perform the important role of providing education to the young generation.…

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Graduation Templates

Graduation photo album

If you are graduating you may need to have the following MS Word format templates for your use. Keep them safe for the right time. #1 Graduation Announcement Card Graduation is an amazing time that comes after a lot of hard work, so the celebration should be accordingly. Graduation announcement cards are the best way to let your friends and family know that you have done it successfully. Sending a graduation announcement card is the best way to let people know when and where you are going to celebrate it.…

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Parent Teacher Communication Log

Parent teacher communication log

A student’s academic progress depends on many factors. One of these important factors is smooth communication between parents and teachers. For this purpose, many educational institutes offer the facility of a parent-teacher communication log. It may be in digital form or on paper. Either way, it makes communication easier and also maintains a record of the discussions carried out between parents and teachers. Here are the various benefits of maintaining a parent-teacher communication log. Easy Way to Share Concerns This log provides a way for both parents as well as…

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Student Help Templates

Student weekly planning calendar

Student life is full of responsibility and one cannot be successful without fulfilling it. Every student needs some basic tools that help him complete his school or homework efficiently. Following are given some templates that one student may need at times to complete his tasks. #1 Weekly Homework Schedule Template Homework is the most hectic word in the life of a student. Almost every student hates the word and the action behind it. The workload is given by the teachers! Almost no one cares to do that. This results in…

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School Activity Templates

school field trip permission slip

Meeting Sign In Sheet A meeting sign in a sheet is what you can call as a sheet that you often see while attending a meeting with your colleagues within the same or of different departments of an organization. These meetings can also be external, i.e. With other companies. As the meetings usually result in some kind of decisions, that are either approved directly or in the proposal form. This sign in sheet strengthens the decisions in meetings as the meeting is being attended by decision makers. If the decision…

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Academic Letters

letter requesting graduate school recommendation

Thank You Letter to Teacher A thank you letter to a teacher reflects the true love and respect for that teacher. Just think of a teacher, who has inspired you in all manners and made you what you are today, you can greet them by sending a thank you letter. These letters are mostly sent after the results of the exams. A few examples of a thank you letter include the following lines. “Thank you so much, sir, for making what we are today”, “thank you so much for teaching…

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