Lined Paper Templates

Lined paper 0.5 inch left side border letter format RED & BLUE

Whether you child is practicing to improve his hand writing or want to take notes, it is always useful to make use of lined paper. A decorated and beautiful paper improves the quality of the work done on it. Taking notes or writing down a poem on the lined paper makes it look more beautiful. Lined paper templates: The template for lined paper is available and can be found on this website which is ready to download and print. The line papers are available in different sizes, and the user…

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How to Write a Scientific Report

science report layout

To prepare a scientific report apparently is a difficult task for any individual. It seems to be a hard and challenging job to perform. This is not as hard or difficult job as it may seem. We provide you a format that will help you to write a scientific report in a professional way. You can add your personal experience or snapshots to make it look even attractive and appealing to present. Any individual must prepare a scientific report that presents itself to be more authentic and shows its worth.…

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Student Activity Pages

Groundhog day activity page

Daylight Saving Time Activity Page The method of setting the clocks forward one hour in the summer months and then when it comes back to winter, putting them one hour back is known as DST (Daylight saving time). This method is applied in the months of March and April and ends in the months of September and November. Different countries have different rules as they have different months of changing the time according to their weathers. With the passage of time; several changes occurred in it, but in today’s history,…

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Teacher Help Templates

substitute teacher instruction form

Teacher’s Weekly Lesson Planner A teacher’s weekly lesson planner helps the teacher to make plans for the upcoming week. It also helps a teacher to maintain a balance in his personal life with the teaching life. Lesson planner has always helped the teachers in many ways. There’s no need to make it a professional. You can also make it rough as long as you understand it. Moreover, a lesson planner also helps the teacher to get set for the upcoming lessons. He also gets the chance to prepare for the…

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Graph and Handwriting Practice Paper

graph paper

GRAPH PAPERS The paper with horizontal and vertical lines creating a grid is used for many purposes and the main is to show the increase or decrease in rate. The papers are available in loose form as well as in a book form; it depends on the requirement of the person that he/she needs a book or a single paper because students usually need a book. There are many types of graph papers and one can buy it depending on the purpose for which he/she requires it and for which…

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Fundraiser Templates

fundraiser door hanger

Fundraiser Door Hanger A door hanger is a great way of advertising, so it can be used as a fundraiser as well. The cause is mentioned on the door hanger for which the organization wants to fundraise as it is a great way of collecting money to assist the non-profit organizations in doing something for the betterment in any field. Fundraising is usually done for the charity purpose, but it is also done for many other purposes involving the assistance of the needy. The templates for the fundraiser door hanger…

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Graduation Templates

graduation photo album

Graduation Announcement Card Graduation is an amazing time that comes after a lot of hard work, so the celebration should be accordingly. Graduation announcements cards are the best way to let your friends and family know that you have done it successfully, sending the graduation announcement card is the best way to let people know that when and where you are going to celebrate it. When the huge party is already planned for this announcement, then sending amazing cards to the people you are inviting is the best thing. Have…

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Parent Teacher Communication Log

parent teacher communication log

PARENT TEACHER COMMUNICATION A parent-teacher communication log is an important document at various education institutes. It is maintained for each student. The log helps in keeping a track of communication between parents and the institute’s administration or faculty. TEMPLATE Parent teacher communication log templates are available for free on the internet. These can help you with ideas about the format and layout of your these logs. A template can be printed out as it is. It can also be customized. Alternatively, it can also be carried out as an activity…

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Student Help Templates

student weekly planning calendar

Weekly Homework Schedule Homework is the most hectic word in the life of a student. Almost every student hates the word and the action behind it. The workload is given by the teachers! Almost no one cares to do that. This results in the decrease of grades. For this purpose, weekly homework schedule works the best. A weekly homework schedule helps the students in all ways. They can easily maintain balance in between their practical life and homework. They can also manage to make time for extracurricular activities. These schedules…

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School Activity Templates

school field trip permission slip

Meeting Sign In Sheet A meeting sign in a sheet is what you can call as a sheet that you often see while attending a meeting with your colleagues within the same or of different departments of an organization. These meetings can also be external, i.e. With other companies. As the meetings usually result in some kind of decisions, that are either approved directly or in the proposal form. This sign in sheet strengthens the decisions in meetings as the meeting is being attended by decision makers. If the decision…

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Academic Letters

letter requesting graduate school recommendation

Thank You Letter to Teacher A thank you letter to a teacher reflects the true love and respect for that teacher. Just think of a teacher, who has inspired you in all manners and made you what you are today, you can greet them by sending a thank you letter. These letters are mostly sent after the results of the exams. A few examples of a thank you letter include the following lines. “Thank you so much, sir, for making what we are today”, “thank you so much for teaching…

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school newsletter template

ACADEMIC REVOLUTION Academic integrity has become strategic, yet many concerned individuals remain unprepared. A new era of academic excellence is triggered by the facilities; online technology is sourcing to the academic fields via its fast pace and easy access. The upcoming era is going to face completely techno –oriented students and academic staffs who will be busy in receiving and delivering digital education via smart devices. The paper and pen culture might become obsolete in the coming future. In these days also extra paperwork has become a burden as efficient…

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