Affidavit Of Marital Status of Single Person

Affidavit of Marital Status of Single Person

An affidavit tends to be a written statement that is sworn to by the particular affiant, i.e. the individual who is making the statement. An affidavit is required by some countries for certain things. This can be to show one’s married status, single status, inheritance, etc. What is an Affidavit of Marital Status of Single Person? An affidavit of marital status (of a single person) states that one is free to marry. It confirms that the person is unmarried. If you need to create an affidavit of marital status then…

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Sexual Consent Form

Sexual Consent Form

A sexual consent form is used when two or more people want to get into a written agreement to have sex with their consent. Those people who are afraid of getting a complicated sex relation can use this form to protect themselves legally. Sexual consent forms are used by the people of all the fields regardless of their gender, race, profession, age, etc. The sexual consent form is a big protection tool for the people who are alone and find that being physical with someone is a big temptation. Sometimes,…

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Expense Claim Forms

Expense claim form template

What is Expense Claim Form? The expense claim form is a mandatory document which almost every company or organization keeps. It is a quite significant form which aware the company about the expense spend on different tasks such as traveling. Having this document reflects the professional impact of the company. Company Details: Mention the name of the company along with the logo of it on the expense claim form. It gives a proper identity to the document and eases the record keeping of a particular company. Expense Details: Expense details include…

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Disciplinary Action Forms

Office Disciplinary Action Form

It becomes very hard for the owner of the organization to maintain discipline in the company when there are lots of people working in a different way. Discipline is considered as the root of every positive thing that comes to our life. If you are failed to maintain discipline in your life, you will not be able to succeed in any aspect of life. Many people have considered the time management as one of the major aspects of the disciplined life. In other words, if you can effectively manage your…

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Employee Behavior Complaint Form

Employee behavior complaint form

Surely, no one likes to complain about other people, but sometimes it becomes necessary to report a complaint. When an employee commits a mistake or behaves mischievous then it is required to fill the complain form about employee’s behavior. Employee Behavior Complaint Form: It is supposed that the employees hired in a company would contribute their best efforts for the progress of the company. Undoubtedly, employees do so, but there exist a few who do not respect their seniors or behave rudely to staff. In addition to this, there may be…

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Legal Forms & How One May Get it?

Employee referral form

Legal Forms You don’t necessarily have to be a lawyer, judge or any other personnel of judiciary to work with legal forms because legal forms are not limited to court sphere, however as the name suggests, they are legal, meaning by they can be used as legal proofs in court hearings and are supposed to be accepted in courts if in case are properly presented there. In business dealings, employment matters, property, and personal affairs, legal forms are used everywhere. In business the commonly used forms are Non-disclosure agreement Meeting…

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Guarantee Deed Forms

Guarantee Deed Form

Ever heard of vehicles that get stolen and are then sold elsewhere? Or property that one buys and it is later revealed that it belonged to someone else? How does this all happen? This happens because people forget to make use of guarantee deed form at the time of selling and buying things and property. For many of us, guarantee deed form is a strange name because we’re not used to of it at all. A guarantee deed forms are basically written evidence in which a grantor confesses to the…

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Medical Form & Templates

new patient information sheet

Health care is the area which has to be taken very seriously for every feature, either it is to attend a doctor’s appointment or claiming for your health insurance, health care issues are dealt with concern and determination. Suppose you are in an emergency and are not able to tell your health condition then how could the physician know about you. Yes, this is your medical history form that tell how well were you in the past and how to treat you in future. Types of Medical Forms Claiming a…

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Witness Statement Template

Witness Statement

Official Statements A witness statement is basically a document that shows the assertion of a witness. The statement can be about some situation or any legal case or hearing in court. This statement is generally used to support a person against whom any case is filed. The statement can be proved very supportive and helpful in the study of a case, it makes the judgement easy. In order to bring a witness in court or to take his statement you have to prepare a witness statement. There is no structured…

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Affidavit Form Templates

Income affidavit form

Affidavit Form An affidavit is actually a statement in which an individual swears or it is a statement that is used for taking oath or taking oath under penalty of perjury. The individuals who make the statements in the form is known as the affiant, when an affidavit form is signatures then a person must affirm that the statement is being made with personal knowledge and it has been made with information and belief. An affidavit form is a written statement of facts that is signed by a deponent. It is signed in front…

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Rental Agreement Form

Rental agreement form

Rental Agreements Commerce in property is an accumulative business in today’s world. Owning a piece of land always leads to a source of income. Some people prefer to rent out a portion or an area of their land in order to generate revenue. For such process, a rental agreement form is to be compiled and it must comprise of a few things mentioned below. The most important thing that a form have is the name of landlord and the name of the tenant. Besides this, the address of the property…

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Personal Guarantee Form

Personal guarantee form

Guarantee FORMS A personal guarantee form is a kind of agreement in which a person holds himself responsible for his own or someone else’s debts or obligations. In this form the lender claims that in case of any default from borrower’s side, the guarantor will be answerable or the assets of the guarantor will be claimed. The guarantor can be any person or any organization with a well-defined credit history. The personal guarantee form can be regarded as a signed bank cheque without any mentioned date. The form can be…

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Purchase Order Form

purchase order form

Purchase Orders When a person purchases any item, he is required to authorize the transaction. For this purpose, he has to generate a purchase order form. When the seller of the item also accepts that form, then it becomes a kind of business binding between the seller and the buyer. There should not be any confusion during this transaction. For this purpose, the buyer should properly communicate with the seller to discuss everything in order to remove all types of ambiguities. There are many advantages of using a purchase order.…

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Client Satisfaction Survey Form

client satisfaction survey form

Customer Satisfaction & Survey Forms In any business or any field client satisfaction is the most important thing in the eyes of an organization. Definite client satisfaction survey form shows the customer insights of how good or accurate a company performance or reliability is. Client satisfaction survey form opens the understanding that will help you making knowledgeable business choices. customer satisfaction survey may consists of variety of documents that mainly focus on punctuality, staff awareness, and recognize possible customer experience concerns. From response of the clients on merchandises and facilities…

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Employee inquiry form

INQUIRY FORMS Every company in the world wants to have qualified and experienced staff to work with. And before recruiting any of their staff members they take a detailed interview of the employee whosoever, applies for the job. In employee inquiry form the first and foremost thing is the communication between the employee and head of the company. Why is communication given so much importance? As it can be called as the soul of the company because in communication head of the company and employers come to know that their…

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