Grievance Letter to Supervisor for Unresponsiveness


Hello, Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. This message is to bring to your attention the matter of constant unresponsive behavior during official hours. For the past few weeks, many of the employees and supervision staff have complained that they have attempted to reach out to you for multiple official concerns and reasons, including seeking guidance or clarification on many project-related matters. They stated that they received no response from you, which has disappointed them and significantly impeded their ability to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

Such unresponsive behavior not only impacts the pace of the work and causes hindrance in the delivery of the project, but also causes a lot of confusion and frustration among the employees who work under your supervision.

Effective communication is key to a positive and impactful working environment. We adhere to the rules that assure effective communication, and one of them is to respond timely and clearly. We understand that you might have a busy schedule, but communicating with other employees about delegated tasks and projects is also an integral part of your job.

Please note that this message serves as a warning and will affect your remuneration in the form of a penalty if the problem persists. A supervisor is supposed to communicate with his subordinates effectively and timely. Thank you.

[Your Name and Designation]


Hello, Mr. [Name],

I have tried to contact you many times for work-related matters, but to my surprise, I found you very unresponsive. You work in the organization, and I am afraid of how you maintain healthy, optimistic, and timely communication with your subordinates! Moreover, the platform we use for communication is solely for the sake of office communication, which must be flagged as important. You have been found unresponsive not only to my queries but to those of your subordinates as well.

We have noticed that your unresponsive attitude has impacted the project work and miscommunication in the department under your direct supervision. You are warned to regulate your communication with your colleagues, subordinates, delegates, and executives of other departments to ensure a smooth working environment. In case of non-compliance, you will be fined or served with any other penalty according to the company’s policy. Thank you!




Dear Ms. [Name of the Supervisor],

I hope my message finds you in good health. [Name], I regretfully let you know that the company’s officials, including your subordinates, have found you very unresponsive when it comes to digital communication, i.e., through email, WhatsApp, or phone calls.

They complain that your unresponsive attitude costs a lot of time and frustration, which ultimately hinders the smooth delivery of the project on time. This text message intends to inform you that this kind of behavior counts as unprofessionalism and incompetence in invigilating and looking after the projects under your supervision.

A supervisor is supposed to stay in contact with other departments and his subordinates. Please note that further unresponsiveness can result in penalties or punitive measures against you for demonstrating unprofessionalism and not paying heed to the company’s projects.

Thank You!

Warning letter to supervisor for unresponsiveness

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