Warning Letter for Negligence in Work


I am writing this letter to inform you that we have observed that your recent performance has not met the expected standards, as proven by continuous complaints from both your direct manager and colleagues. It appears that you may have unintentionally or intentionally neglected your duties, resulting in falling behind on various assigned projects and tasks. Despite several verbal warnings, we have not witnessed any noticeable progress.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing issues, we feel it is necessary to elevate this matter to a more formal level. Please regard this letter as an official written warning. Our preference was to avoid reaching this point, but given the circumstances, we had limited options.

We strongly advise you to take immediate steps to enhance your performance and increase your productivity. We believe you have the potential to achieve this, as you have demonstrated in the past. If there are specific obstacles preventing you from performing at your best, we encourage you to share them with us so that we can collaborate on finding a solution.

A thorough review of your performance will be conducted within two weeks from today. We’re really looking forward to seeing things get much better this time.

Warning letter for negligence in work


I am writing this letter to address the ongoing and unexplained negligence of your assigned tasks and responsibilities. Despite numerous verbal warnings, there has been little to no improvement in your ability to complete tasks promptly. You consistently delay your work, miss deadlines, deliver incomplete assignments, and arrive late to the office without prior notice.

I try to be accommodating when team members face unexpected challenges, but I cannot tolerate deliberate negligence or intentional laziness.

I want us to collaborate effectively and accomplish our goals. Therefore, I kindly request that you make a significant shift in your attitude and approach to your job. You are required to work on the issues mentioned above and begin executing your tasks and responsibilities successfully and without undue delay.

We will review your progress four weeks from now, and I look forward to seeing significant improvements during that time.


You are receiving this warning letter due to your consistent and unexplained negligence in your work over the past two weeks. Despite several verbal warnings issued to you, your lack of attention to your tasks and failure to follow supervisors’ instructions have been observed.

Your manager has reported a pattern of you arriving late to work every day without prior notice. Additionally, you have been submitting incomplete projects and have neglected to provide completion reports. The quality of your recent work has fallen below our company’s standards.

It’s important to understand that management can only accommodate an employee to a certain extent. Your negligence has pushed our patience to its limits, and we cannot tolerate an unprofessional attitude any longer.

Consider this letter your final warning. If there is no improvement in your performance, we will have no choice but to terminate your contract immediately. We strongly urge you to reevaluate your work ethic and professional behavior so that we can continue our working relationship in a positive and productive manner.

We hope you take this warning seriously and take steps to rectify the situation.


I am writing this letter to inform you that we’re really disappointed by your negligence towards your responsibilities to the company. You used to be a responsible, dignified, and well-organized employee, but it seems like you’ve become quite careless.

I’ve been told from your supervisor and manager that you’ve been coming in late, asking for time off at the last minute, or not showing up at all. Your work has also become rushed, and there are too many unplanned absences from you.

Your negligence in carrying out your duties has had a negative impact on the progress of our projects and our company’s reputation. It has also placed an additional burden of work and stress on your team members, who have had to compensate for your errors and shortcomings. Such behavior is deemed unacceptable and unprofessional, and it is contrary to our company’s established policies and standards.

I hope that you take this warning seriously and work diligently to improve both your performance and your behavior.

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