Letter to Notify an Insurance Policyholder of a Policy

Letter to Notify an Insurance Policyholder of Pending Cancellation of a Policy

Insurance policies provide financial security to individuals in case of undesirable circumstances such as an accident, illness or death. According to the conditions of the specific policy, the policyholder has to pay a certain amount of money on a regular basis. The insurance company is authorized to cancel the policy in case the policyholder neglects this payment or fails to fulfill the terms and conditions because of any reason. However, before the cancellation of the policy, the company sends a reminder letter to the client. The purpose of this letter…

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Letter to Note the Employment Anniversary

Letter to Note the Employment Anniversary of an Employee

When an employee completes a significant number of years of service, he is officially congratulated for this accomplishment. His employment anniversary is noted by acknowledging him through an official letter. He may also be rewarded with a bonus or an appreciation gift. These are gestures used to honor the employee for his successful work and loyalty towards his company. Employees need to be appreciated from time to time in order to provide them encouragement for their work. Noting an employee’s anniversary is a way of motivating him by acknowledging his…

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