Apology Letter for not Coming to Work

Re. Apology for not attending the office on [DATE]

I apologize for my unauthorized and uninformed leave from the office on [DATE]. I am writing to explain the reason why I was not able to come to the office. With this letter of apology, I substantially express my remorse for the missed work and am willing to compensate in any possible way. Moreover, I intend to explain the loopholes in the staff management which have come out in the shape of my uninformed leave from work. I do not mean to complain about any of the services or departments, but my sole purpose is to express my remorse and apologize for the missed work. 

On [DATE], I had to stay awake all night to look after my sick old mother. She has been suffering from chronic arthritis and recently, she was given three consecutive sessions of physiotherapy which caused her severe joint pain as an aftereffect of physiotherapy which was a bit penetrating and severe. I was able to sleep very late at night and could not get up in the morning. 

I called staff management thrice but nobody attended the landline. Moreover, there was no response from them later. I forgot about the meeting with [NAME THE COMPANY] and our teammates. 

I completely take responsibility for this missed work and present myself for compensation. On your disposition, I am willing to visit the site area and meet delegates from [NAME]. 

I shall be grateful if you accept my deep apologies. Thank you. 



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Re. Apologies for not attending the office on [DATE] due to an emergency

Dear Sir, 

I am very much regretful for missing today’s office. It was due to an emergency at my son’s school. On getting that, I completely forgot to inform the office that, I am sure, has caused some inconvenience with the proposal’s deadline. I am writing this to express my deep apologies. 

I was totally ready to leave for work when I received a call at my home landline to reach [NAME THE HOSPITAL] as my son had injured his head by striking a pole in the center of the hall. He was running in the play area where he hit the pole and got abrasions on his head. I got extremely worried and panicked over the injury of my 5 years old. I rushed to the hospital with my wife and informing at the office slipped through my mind. 

I also failed to keep in mind the proposal deadline. As it was the last day to submit the proposal to the [NAME THE COMPANY], I requested some other teammates to conclude the proposal by working on the introduction paragraph but it was, unfortunately, not done. I have sent a request email for a short extension on the date of proposal submission to the company and I hope for it. I am back to my work and have hands-on with proposal completion. 

I apologize again for all the inconvenience created. I will be conscientious next time to avoid such troubles. Thank you. 



Apology letter for not attending office due to emergency

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