Cover Letter for an Art Teacher

Letter -1

I am pleased to write this cover letter for the position of an Art teacher in (name of the school). Working as an Art teacher and teaching the children and helping them create would be a dream job for me. The main reason behind this is that these are the two passions of my life. I want to create cool things myself and I also want to transfer my knowledge to someone else. I would like to transfer this passion of arts I have to the children because they are like blank papers and learn fast. Art helps in broadening the thinking ability of a person and widens his perspective of looking at the things that happen in the daily routine of his life. A person with love for arts is more likely to be enthusiastic and cherish little things in life.

I have loved the arts since childhood. I always looked forward to the art class each day at my school. I was also praised by my art teacher as well as by my parents for my ability to think out of the box and create masterpieces.

When I finished school at first, I wasn’t much supported by the people around me for choosing arts as major because all my friends went on to study either medicine or engineering. But despite the struggle in the first year, I was able to convince my family and friends that art was the thing that I wanted to do in my life. I always admired painters. So, after I finished university, I got a job at (name of the company). I carried out numerous projects in (name of the company). I have worked for (number of years) in (name of the company).

Despite loving the environment and my job I still felt there was something missing. Although I should have been satisfied because I was doing what I love as my job yet I wasn’t fully pleased. Later I figured out that this sense of incompletion is because I am unable to transfer my knowledge to anyone. I desired to share my knowledge with someone. I was longing to help someone else create and think out of the box. Therefore, when I saw the advertisement for the position of an Art teacher in (name of the school) I knew I had to apply. This is the perfect opportunity for me to keep on doing what I love and assist other children in exploring themselves and create.

Thank you for giving your time to my application. I would really be honored to work in (name of the school). I look forward to meeting the students at your school and my responsibilities as an Art Teacher.

Cover letter for an Art Teacher

Letter -2

I feel grateful while writing this cover letter for my job application for the position of Art teacher at (name of the school). I have always had a passion for Arts since the day I started school. I remember how I always used to wait for the Arts class. I was inspired by my art teacher at the school. she loved her job and used to transfer that love for arts in her students. I was also praised by the teachers and my parents for my painting skills. I learned painting really fast and until I finished school, I had mastered painting.

I often used to display my paintings in the school carnival each year. People used to buy those paintings, and this further boosted my confidence in Arts.

Appreciation is what helps people to achieve the goals that are near to impossible. This was the case with me too. Despite my hands tremble due to a medical condition I excelled in Arts. When I entered university, I did my majors in Arts. Certain subjects, along with Arts subjects, helped me a lot in building up my personality.

Psychology helped me in strengthening my communication skills. After I graduated, I applied in different multinational institutes. Shortly I got selected by (name of the institute). Although the job was exceptional, and the salary was also high, yet I felt as if something was missing in my life, so I left the job and started making and selling paintings from the comfort of my own home.

I did really good and was able to sell many paintings in a very short period of time. But for the first time in my life, I felt that the thing that was missing in my life was that I was not able to share my knowledge with others. I wanted to help others in improving their skills and create masterpieces. So, I decided to apply for the Job of Arts teacher in a school and help students in polishing their skills. I really want to follow the footsteps of my Arts teacher and make students fall in love with Arts. Arts help people in thinking out of the box and also motivates them in taking risks in their lives as nothing great can be achieved without risks.

Therefore, when I came to know about the advertisement that you need an Arts teacher for your school, I knew I had to apply. I would like to thank you for considering my application for the job of Arts teacher in (name of eth school). I look forward to learning more about your school and meeting your students.

Cover letter for an Art Teacher

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