Cover Letter for Database Analyst

I saw the advertisement for your company (name of the company) the other day. I was pleased to know that your company (name of the company) was looking for a qualified individual for the position of Database analyst. I with all my expertise and vast knowledge consider myself to be the best fit for this position of database analyst.

As it is true for every profession for being good in what a person does it is very important that the person has previous experience of doing the job. I, therefore, am proud to state here that despite the advertisement asked for an applicant to have at least 2 years of experience I have a huge amount of experience of (no of years) up my sleeve. This experience together with my educational background makes me stand out among all other applicants. I have also attached my experience certificate from (name of the company) of (no of years) experience with the application as proof.

Although it was not demanded in the application, I have also attached my character certificate from (name of the company) indicating my positive attitude towards work as well as other staff.

I am a very hard-working individual who loves his work. I was fortunate enough to pursue my career in a subject that I loved the most. I have loved mathematics since my early school. In high school, I participated in several competitions held each year between different school teams. I always had this competitive nature, but I also believed in fair competition. I would try my best to succeed but if I were to lose a competition, I would accept my defeat gracefully.

After high school, I joined (name of the university) for doing my bachelor’s in (name of the subject). After graduating from (name of the university) I took admission to masters in (name of the university). I did my masters in (name of the subject). I was always liked by my professors and class fellows for my hard-working nature.

Later I decided to apply for a job in (name of the company). I got the job on (date/year) and I continued my job at (name of the company) till (date/year). During my tenure, I was responsible for looking after several important tasks. These tasks included the development of SOPs for the employees, using my communication skills for getting authentic data, analyzing the data through complex software and developing and maintaining collaborations with important clients.

I am an extrovert; therefore, I get along with everyone very easily. I am used to working in teams as well as handling projects single-handedly. I would like to meet your staff and the Database analyst team working at your company (name of the company). I would be honored to share further my experiences and expertise with them. I would also like to extend my gratitude to you for considering my application for the position of Database analyst at your company.

For any further queries, you are welcome to contact me at the details mentioned.

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover letter for a database analyst

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