Habits of Employees to Issue Warning Letter

For a company to flourish it is very necessary that the decorum of the company is maintained. The responsibility for maintaining this decorum falls on the shoulders of the HR manager of the organization. He is liable for keeping checks and balances on the employees so that they do not fall short of their duties.

If over the course of time, the HR manager finds an employee who is not performing his duties well, he holds the right to confront him for the sake of the company’s future.  It is also necessary that such type of cases is dealt with on a priority basis so that it does not cause a sense of deprivation among other employees.

A notice to the employee can be issued either verbally or in the form of a well-drafted formal letter because termination of the employee without a warning is usually not practiced. However, issuing a formal letter in place of verbal comments has more benefits as the letter can be saved as part of the company’s records. This can later be used as proof against that employee’s behavior if necessary.

Common habits include


There can be numerous types of behaviors for which the company holds the right to the issuance of a warning letter against an employee. Generally, the habit mostly exhibited by the employees is tardiness. Many employees arrive late to work and they are unable to complete the assigned tasks on time causing a loss for the company.

Unprofessional attitude

Another habit of the employees that should be circumvented is that they have an unprofessional attitude toward their fellow employees. They may pass some hurtful comments that could potentially make the environment unpleasant for others. This will have a great effect on the overall productivity of the employees as everyone is most productive in their own comfort zone.


Another problem frequently encountered is absenteeism. If an employee is on constant leave without a legitimate excuse it shifts the workload toward fellow employees. This extra burden disturbs the schedule of the other employees and as a result, they are unable to complete their tasks on time hence causing loss to the company. He should be asked for a proper reason or else action should be taken and this type of attitude should not be tolerated.


There are employees present in every company who show laziness towards the assigned tasks and give poor performances. They should be asked to work hard or else they should be terminated after a fair warning. Moreover, a company’s image does not only depend upon the behavior of the employees but also on their outlook.

Dress Code

Every person entering your company would judge it collectively by the dressing sense and the attitude of the employees. Hence, it should be perfect and professional. Any person seen in violation of these attitudes should be issued a warning as a company cannot afford any sort of damage to its image.

Sample Letter

This is to inform you that on receiving regular complaints about your behavior from your colleagues the company is issuing you a formal warning letter. You are asked to be punctual, and diligent, follow the proper dress code and show a professional attitude toward your fellow employees. I hereby being the head of the HR department would like to personally warn you that any violation of the code of conduct by you shall result in permanent termination without any prior notice.

Employee unprofessional behavior warning letter

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