Job Transfer Request Letter due to Parent’s Illness

A job transfer request letter due to a parent’s illness is a letter that is written by an employee and is addressed to the employer of the organization. This letter is written when an employee is facing a situation of his parent’s illness and he wants to request his employer to transfer him to the other office near his parent’s house.

Employees are always encouraged to balance their work and personal life. However, it might become difficult, if their families are facing critical issues or medical problems, and the employees are residing and working in a distant area.

In such circumstances, they approach their employers and request their cooperation. They may request different sorts of help from the employer, including off days, traveling ticket coverage, financial help, etc. Another request an employee can make is to transfer him to a nearby area of his parent’s house.

The tone of this letter holds critical significance. It is because the employee needs to state the consequences of not getting transferred, and yet he should not sound arrogant, and should not show that he does not even care about the discontinuity of his current job. The employee needs to write this letter politely and show that he is requesting the transfer due to uncontrollable circumstances.

The details included in this letter can vary. A few of the factors that might affect the information are:

  • Company policies.
  • Availability of the vacancy in the other office, and possibilities of transfer.
  • Severity of the employee’s parent’s condition.
  • Distance between the current office and the new office, etc.

Generally, the following details are incorporated in such letters:

  • Date of the letter.
  • Contact information of the employer.
  • Contact information of the employee.
  • The request of transferring to another area.
  • Reason behind the request, and details of the parent’s illness.
  • Express understanding of the difficulty the company might face in transferring urgently.
  • Politely state the consequences in case the transfer is not possible.
  • Seek acceptance of the request.
  • Show hope of understanding.
  • Indicate the strong bond with the organization.
  • Gratitude.
  • Salutation and signature.

Usually, the companies understand such situations, as they do not want to lose their valued employees and invest in training of the new employees. If the employee makes a polite request, depending on the possibilities and available vacancies, the company will make the transfer.

Sample letter

Dear Mr. Mathew,

This letter is intended to make a request to you for transferring me, David Cooper, to our office in the ABC area.

My parents reside in the ABC area and suffer from many old age diseases. When I started this job in this company, I was in the ABC office. However, later, when I got promoted, I was transferred to the XYZ office. I am currently working as Marketing Manager at XYZ office.

Recently, my father’s condition has deteriorated and my mother cannot look after him alone. Being the only child, I need to be around my parents at this age, especially, in this critical time when my father frequently needs to be taken to the emergency room.

I want to request you to transfer me to our ABC office, as it is becoming hard for me to manage everything from a distance. I understand that the transfer is dependent on the available vacancy there, but unfortunately, if I do not get transferred, I would have to resign, as I cannot leave my parents alone.

I hope you would understand my situation and process my request on an urgent basis. I have a strong connection with our company, and I do not want to leave it.

Looking forward to a positive response from your side. Thank you.


David Cooper.

Job transfer request letter due to parent's illness

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