Letter Reporting Employee Misconduct to HR

I want to draw your attention towards a serious issue which has gone beyond my control. Almost every employee in the office has suffered due to the offensive behaviour of Mr Lee who is working as an accounts assistant in this company. Despite issuing him several verbal warnings, he has failed to meet our desired standard of behaviour at the workplace.

Earlier, I tried by myself to resolve the matter and issued him reprimand letters on three different occasions for violating the company’s disciplinary policy. I was expecting him to make a positive change in his behaviour but unfortunately, he continued behaving offensively. Now comes the time when it has become indispensable to take strict disciplinary action against him owing to his misconduct and that’s why I am writing to you to be involved in this matter.

Whatever he does or says, cannot be written exactly as it is. But I will try my best to draw a clear picture of his behaviour. On [date], Mr Lee came drunk into the office holding a deadly weapon in his hand. He was out of his senses before the work shift. Under the influence of alcohol, he misbehaved with the most senior employee and quarrelled with his colleagues in the canteen for one hour break.

Considering it as his first mistake, I issued him a warning letter. Just a few days after this incident, I again caught him hooting at Ms Lisa, my personal secretary. That time he was again suspected to be drunk. I issued him a second warning letter with a promise that he will refrain from such activities in future.

On [date], I caught him a third time being out of control due to excessive drinking. When I asked him to leave the office premises, he became outraged and started abusing me. Instead of issuing him a further warning letter, I decided to involve you in this matter keeping in view the severity of the incident.

Sir, Mr Lee has set the worst example of immorality. Such an ill-mannered person should not remain a part of the company anymore. The power of decision rests with you, if I were in your place he would have been fired straightway. If you don’t want to terminate him, I cannot tolerate him in my office at least. Please transfer him to other branch offices of the company if you want to retain him.

I hope you will give due consideration to my request and take the necessary steps to resolve this problem. I am enclosing the names of all those employees along with signatures, who have witnessed these incidents. You had better pay a personal visit to this office as soon as possible.


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Subject: [XYZ] employee misconduct to HR

Dear Sir,

I am sending you a formal complaint letter about Mr. Stewart who is working as an accountant in our company office. Prior to writing you, I issued him warning letters on three different occasions on account of insubordination, harassment and bad manners at the workplace. Instead of bringing improvement in his behaviour, he is polluting the peaceful office environment by means of his misbehaviour with his colleagues and senior employees.

The first incident of his misbehaviour was reported on [date] when Ms Williams accused him of sexual harassment. Feeling the sensitivity of the matter, the fact-finding committee was established which revealed in its report that the allegation was true.

However, Ms. Williams forgave him when he apologized. On another occasion, I caught him misbehaving with the most senior employee of our company, Mr James. He was abusing and shouting at him for a minor reason. Similarly, on [date], he set the worst example of subordination when I reprimanded him for not completing his project on time.

Instead of telling me the reason, he abused me saying that he was not my servant. He is becoming out of control day by day and has crossed all limits of immorality. That’s why I have been compelled to involve you in this matter.

It has become necessary to take strict disciplinary action against him. Otherwise, he will be a great threat to our business if stays with this company. Sir, Mr. Stewart is unable to meet our desired standard of ethics. He is leaving a negative impact on juniors. It is therefore necessary to make him realize the importance of good ethics which can only be done through a suitable punishment.

However, you have the right to decide his fate. Owing to his misbehaviour, I cannot tolerate him in this office anymore. If you have a soft corner for him in your heart, please transfer him to another office of our company.

I hope you have got a clear idea about his bad conduct. I request you to visit our office to get the views of all those employees who suffered a lot due to him.

Letter Reporting Employee Misconduct to HR

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