Letter to Church Board for Baptism

A letter to Church Board for baptism is written when a couple shows their intention towards getting their child baptized. The baptism of a child is a significant achievement in numerous sects of the Christian beliefs since they are of the view that Jesus Christ was also baptized.

Sample -1

I am writing this letter to you to declare that my little girl {Mention Name} is going to enter the church community. We want her to get baptized at your Church [Name of church] with the assistance of the father {Mention Name of the Father who will baptize the kid}.   

We are glad and privileged to know that the upbringing of our daughter will be done as an offspring of God as we will pledge in this baptizing ceremony at [Church’s name along with the Area].   

From the book of Matthew, “Favored are the unadulterated in heart for they will see God”. We are excited that our daughter is entering into a warm and caring community. We are also quite sure that you will all greet her and guide her on how to moderately get along the otherworldly way for the duration of her life.   

Waiting eagerly to get the affirmative reply for the dates we proposed so that we could send invitations to our closed ones accordingly.    


Letter to Church Board for Baptism

Sample -2

The reason for composing this letter is to show our expectations about the eventual fate of our kid to the [Mention Church Name] as he is going to be baptized at the Church {Mention Name}. God has blessed this child to us and we need her to experience childhood in a manner God needs and wants. “Train up a youngster in the manner he should go and when he is old, he won’t leave from it.” Sayings 22:6.  

We probably are aware the minor devotion is a period of public responsibility before the Ruler where we vow together to look for God’s help. It is also sworn that we as a whole will have our impact in giving affection and directions to the child to fill in God’s adoration. We ask that our kid may one day trust Jesus Christ as his Hero for the pardoning of sins.  

Being Christians, we comprehend that all we have has been given to us by God. One day we will be answerable to Him for the manner in which we have handled what He has entrusted to us. 

We need him to have faith in Jesus for his entire life and for the quest for this reason we will have our impact in the home as well. Kindly answer with the affirmation of a date when we can have the holy service held. So, we can welcome our relatives and companions in a like manner.  

Waiting eagerly to hear from you soon in anticipation!  


Letter to Church Board for Baptism

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