Warning Letter for Disclosing Salary


You have been accused of sharing the company’s sensitive details with Mr. Steward, a worker at ABC Enterprise. This is a breach of our company’s policy, and by doing so, you have opened a window of criticism against you. We can take legal action against you for sharing the salary details with outsiders.

As per our employment terms and conditions, you are bound to adhere to the organization’s rules and will not involve yourself in an act that goes against the company’s discipline. We have strict laws for violations, and your act falls under this term.

On [mention date], you will meet Mr. George in his office, and the final decision will be made after this. Please take this letter as a warning; repetition of the same act will result in your job termination. I want to see a good change in you after this warning.


It has been observed that you are involved in disclosing remuneration details to the workers of ABC Organization. We have been receiving the same complaints against you for a long time, but each time we have counseled you. Despite many counseling sessions, no satisfactory change was observed in your behavior. We have caught you this time with solid proof, and you will not have any justification to prove this act.

We regard you as a valuable worker because of your excellent work performance. This does not mean that you will go against the company’s rules. You should have known before inviting the storm that your career could be at great risk. Disciplinary action will be taken against you for exhibiting clumsiness.

We are giving you a last warning before starting legal proceedings against you. Please refrain from falling into this act. I am looking forward to seeing you contribute positively to the company’s success.


This message is in response to your violation of the company’s rules, which is nonsense. Through reliable resources, we have been informed that you disclosed the salary details to other company employees. By doing so, you have breached your membership contract. We have designed our rules keeping in mind the employee’s requirements, so may they feel secure. We provide them with all kinds of health and insurance benefits and, in return, demand loyalty and consistency from them.

It is mandatory for every worker to adhere to the rules to ensure a peaceful working environment. You have committed a wrong act, and for this, we are issuing you a warning note.

We will keep a proper check on you during this time and will suspend you immediately if you are caught doing this again. You have earned vital importance in the company based on your previous employee record. You can contact me anytime to seek help. I hope to see a positive change in you after this warning!


Dear Adam, You are accused of disclosing our company’s salary details outside the company. This is a confidential matter that should not be discussed with any third party. You cannot substantiate this, as we have proper evidence of your crime. It was easy to accept it, as similar complaints have also been received against you. You have committed a shameful act that does not suit any employee.

If you want to continue your job with us, stick to the company’s terms and conditions. Further complaints of the same kind will result in strict action against you. Work on yourself and focus on the weak areas that need to be addressed. I want to see you improve in the future.

Warning Letter for Disclosing Salary


We had discussed the salient features of the salary increment policy for the current year, and you were a member of it. HR had given clear instructions not to disclose this information to anyone. He himself wanted to share this exciting news with employees after it was approved by management. You violated the meeting’s rules and committed a heinous act. This has caused inconvenience among the workers. Please give your explanation in response to this warning message before [mention date].

You have to focus on your work performance and detach yourself from such pursuits. Further acts of this kind will be strictly dealt with. I hope you will take this warning seriously.

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