Resignation Letter to Boss because Workplace is Horrible

Letter #1

Please accept this letter as my resignation note, which will be effective from [mention date]. I give the credit for my success to you, who helped me incessantly to grow professionally. Without your support, I could not have excelled in the marketing field.

Last month, I got a promotion on the basis of my performance and won everyone’s appreciation. I have started observing a change in the attitude of my coworkers towards me, and it is pinching me a lot. Their hostility is increasing day by day and making it difficult for me to continue working here.

The passion with which I have continued to work in the past is draining. I remain totally blank whenever I encounter their tantrums. In light of the above-mentioned circumstances, I request that you please hire a new employee. I seek forgiveness for causing the disturbance that my absence will create.

Letter #2

This letter is in response to the severe criticism I have become subject to after my position upgrade. I have come to the decision to quit my sales manager post.

After thorough consideration, I made this verdict as my colleagues’ behavior was becoming intolerable towards me. Without mental peace, one cannot focus on any kind of work. I am a punctual employee and always make work my first priority.

In the ABC project, I submitted the reports on time, and my supervisor admired me. After that, he started appreciating my work, and my morale was boosted. This appreciation was not acceptable to my colleagues, and they started talking badly about me. My self-respect is of vital importance to me, and everything comes after it. I do not allow any random person to sabotage my respect and make false accusations about me. Thus, I have made the decision to resign from my current position.

Letter #3

Respected Sir, this letter is to inform you of my resignation from the post of sales officer. I had never thought that I would be bullied over my skin color. This behavior was clearly mentioned in the company’s hiring policy, which states that every employee will be treated respectfully.

Although it has been two months since I joined your corporation from day one, I have become the subject of racism. No one regards me or treats me as if I am an inferior creature. Initially, I thought the situation would get better with time, but each day it is getting more frequent. Due to this, I cannot maintain my focus on work, and my productivity is badly affected.

I am passing through the worst days of my life, and my mental peace is disturbed. Hence, I request that you accept my resignation and provide me with an employment certificate.

Letter #4

This letter serves the purpose of my resignation as a technical officer as of [mention date]. From the day I joined, I worked hard and effortlessly to give my best to the company. However, my work performance is impeded because I am not getting considerable acceptance. Continuing to work in such a pugnacious environment has polished my professionalism. This is affecting not only my reputation but also the organization’s.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, I request that you accept my resignation. I am sorry in advance for aggravating you and breaking office policies. I will remain present for any online assistance to carry out a well-ordered transition.

Letter #5

I hope you find this email in good health. I am vacillating about writing this message to you to let you know of my resignation.

I have been working in your organization for the past three years. No doubt I spent quality time under your surveillance and learned a lot from you. Due to recent changes made in the company’s policy, my performance has slowed down. I cannot progress in such an environment, and I have decided to resign from my position.

I belong to the marketing field and want to pursue a career in it. It would be a great favor for me if you took my resignation letter into account. Kindly tell me what I need to submit to complete the resignation process.

Resignation Letter to Boss because Workplace is Horrible

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