Reference Letters

Reference letters are documents written by a referee who is referring someone for a certain post or job position. This contains the characteristics, traits and experience of the person who is being referenced for the particular position.

For an employer who wants to hire fresh people for a specific position in their company, a reference letter is a cherry on the top because it is kind of guarantees the sincerity and work capabilities of the employee they would hire. In this document the writer assesses the qualities of the person who is being referred.

  • Letters of reference or reference letters are typically related to employment
  • Sometimes because of potential lawsuits, some employers hesitate in writing a reference letter
  • In some countries like Austria, Germany, Bulgaria and Switzerland the employees can legally claim an employment reference letter
  • In some cases companies also make use of references for obtaining a contract, particularly in the fields of engineering, consultancy industry and construction.

The references, in this case, are provided by the parties with whom the company has worked in the past and the experience according to both parties was enriching. The party with whom the company has already worked can work as a stepping stone for the company towards a new party.

For winning the trust of a new client, a company can request a past client to write a reference letter for them to get a contract. This promises the new client that the required level of services would be delivered to them. This also cuts down the percentage or possibility of loss into the half.

Professional Letters

The employment reference letters contain following topics like:

  • The employee’s abilities, knowledge, intelligence and, creativity. It also covers the topics regarding employee’s tasks and responsibilities during his stay in the referee’s company
  • It contains the duration of employee’s stay, the employee’s qualifications including the number of languages he is fluent in and his special skills or talent. It also puts emphasis on employee’s social attitude, his power of rapport and the reasons of his employment termination from the referee’s company
  • Most potential employers find it convenient to contact referees for obtaining references before providing a job to a fresh employee

By some companies, it is considered as the most important thing so they regard the reference letter mandatory and ask for them from employees. The candidates who are applying for a job in the company are required to provide a reference letter or a suitable list of referees for them to get a job in a company.

In some cases, the company for whom a person is applying would contact the previous company the person has worked in even if he doesn’t provide the reference letter or disclose the details of the company by his own. This proves the importance of references and recommendations in the eyes of a company. This helps companies to gain potential employees so much that the need for a reference letter for companies is becoming inevitable. Provision of a reference letter makes it convenient for a company to hire new employees.

Character Reference Letter

Charatcter reference letter
Character reference letter


Reference Letter for Professional Employee

Reference letter for professional employee
Reference letter for professional employee


Letter Confirming Receipt of Employment Reference

Letter confirming receipt of employment reference
Letter confirming receipt of employment reference


Reference Letter from Teacher

reference letter from teacher
Reference letter from teacher


Student Reference Letter

student reference letter
Student reference letter


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