Request Letters to Manager

  • Release from Project

I beg to state that I have been diagnosed with dengue fever and will not be able to attend the office for a week. My leave application has already been approved. I humbly request you to release me from the ABC project. My health condition does not allow me to meet the client’s deadline. It is, therefore, better for the company’s reputation to hand over the project to someone else. I recommend Mr. John Doe who is competent and can take over as the project team supervisor in my place.

Please accept my apologies for causing inconvenience. I shall be grateful to you for your kind consideration.

  • Approve Leave

I am writing to request you for the approval of my official annual leave. The XYZ project has just been accomplished under my supervision. I feel I need to take a well-deserved break.

Kindly approve my leave for 2 weeks from 15th to 30th September. I shall be grateful to you.

  • Work from Home

I beg to state that due to some personal reasons; I am unable to make it to the office today. Kindly allow me to work from home today.

I will continue my work on the ABC report so that it can be submitted to the concerned department in time. I will also be available for official correspondence through email and phone.

Thank you for understanding. 

  • Attend Training

I am writing to formally request you to allow me to attend the XYZ training to be held in our New York office from 3rd to 5th September. This training will help me enhance my work skills. As a result, my productivity will improve which is going to be beneficial for us as a team.

I shall be grateful to you for your approval.

  • Salary Increment

I have been working as the Assistant Manager in the Quality Assurance department for 8 years. During this time, I have proved my worth and have always received appreciation for my work from the higher authorities. Considering my hard work for the organization, I humbly request you to give me a salary increment.

Other than my own job responsibilities, I have also been performing additional duties every now and then. I have been the Acting GM last year for our newly opened branch in London. The new outlet was organized under my careful supervision. Similarly, I have been willingly performing extra tasks for the company without receiving any compensation. In fact, during these 8 years of my service, I have only received a 5% increase in my basic pay. However, burgeoning inflation and my family responsibilities make it hard for me to get my monthly expenses covered through my current salary. I would really appreciate if you approve a salary increase of (amount) for me.

I will continue to work diligently for the organization. A pay raise will be an incentive for me to perform all extra responsibilities along with my own job requirements.

I hope you take my request into serious consideration. It will be highly appreciated.

Request letter to manager for salary increment

  • Leave

I beg to state that I am suffering from migraine. It is very hard to concentrate on office work because of a severe headache. It is interfering with my productivity. Kindly allow me to take off from work for 2 days. Some rest for a couple of days will help me get back on my feet.

I shall really appreciate your kindness.

  • Laptop

I would like to bring your attention to the need for a laptop for my job. Since most of my tasks involve visiting sites, a laptop will help me work on the go. It will be easier for me to work on quality reports and maintain official correspondence through email from any location.

Now, the unavailability of a laptop causes delays in my work. Important reports remain pending since I must wait till I return to my office desktop. As a result, my overall productivity is being negatively affected which in turn in unfavorable for the organization.

Considering the above, kindly approve my request for the sanction of a laptop to me.

  • Transfer

I have been working in the HR department at XYX Company, NY office for 5 years. However, due to my husband’s new job in Chicago, I must relocate with my family next month. I request you to transfer me to your Chicago office if possible. I wish to continue working with XYZ and would highly appreciate your thoughtful consideration for my request.

Currently, I work as a receptionist. I am willing to take over any other suitable role available for me at our Chicago branch if the post of a receptionist is already filled. I would prefer to work in the HR department.

I eagerly look forward to your response.

Request letter to manager for transfer

  • Initiate Visa

I would like to thank you for your job offer. I have submitted all the required documents including my passport. It is duly requested that my visa process be initiated. I look forward to joining your team soon.

I will be available on the provided email ID and phone number in case you need to contact me for something urgent.

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