Thank You Letter to Principal for Help in Admission

I hope this letter will find you in the best of health and spirit. I want to say thank you for your help in the admission process of my child to your prestigious school. You are the best mentor I have ever seen in my life.

Soon after entering this city for the first time, I got the idea that your school has earned high esteem among the people of the area. Since I was new to this city, I was worried about my child’s studies. My colleagues told me the names of various schools, but I was confused about which one to choose.

I was very impressed by your hospitality and kind-heartedness. I did not know anything about the admission procedure. You gave me your precious time and made me familiar with all the admission formalities. Not only this but you also spared one person from your personal staff and advised him to accompany me to various offices. By virtue of your favor, I saved a considerable amount of time.

I was able to complete all the admission procedures and formalities in less than an hour. Otherwise, it would have taken me a whole day to complete the whole admission procedure.  

Now, I have got rid of my all worries related to my child’s studies. I am happy because it seems that you treat all children as your own and never compromise on their education. This satisfaction gives me the pleasure that my child is in safe hands. You have highly qualified staff and provide quality education to children at an affordable fee. I am sure you will continue supporting children and their parents. Thank you again for your help.

Yours sincerely.

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Subject: Thank you for help with the admission

Dear Sir,

I am taking this opportunity to say thank you for the help you provided to us in fulfilling all the formalities during the admission process. My name is Johnson, and I am the father of Lee who has got admission to your school last week. Because I was a newcomer in this city, I was really confused and had no idea which school would be best for my children.

I came to know about your school on social media and during my visit to your school, I was very much impressed by your hospitality, loving and caring attitude towards children. I took the right decision for my children and chose your school for a better future for my children.

You have hired highly qualified teachers and imparted quality education. I feel satisfied after my children got admitted to your school. I will always be indebted to you because you admitted my children to your school at that time when no school was ready to admit them.

Due to differences in books and assessment systems, every school asked me to get my children’s grades converted to percentile from their parent educational institute. It was not possible for me due to the strict schedule of my job.

You realized my problem, did not put any compulsion on me, and helped me throughout the lengthy procedure of admission. I will always be indebted to you for this great favor.

Now, I am no more worried about my children because it has realized to me that their future is in the safe hands of great nation-builders who are being supervised by a dynamic and kindhearted leader. Thank you again for your unconditional help.

Yours sincerely.

Thank You Letter to Principal for Help in Admission

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