Touching Farewell Letter to Colleagues

Subject: Farewell Letter to My Lovely Team Members

Dear all, I wrote several emails, and professional text messages, drafted reports and full-length proposals, made lengthy presentations, and many letters to clients. Some were easy to go with and some gave me a really tough time. Toughest of all, I realize now, is to write a farewell note or a letter to say goodbye to your friends-like colleagues.

With a heavy heart, I am writing this letter to inform you all that [date] would be my last day in the office. Recently, I received an appointment letter from [name the company] who invited me to work as a [mention the designation] with wonderful remuneration and prerogatives. The position lures me as it is something that always attracted me and took my interest. Such opportunities are not common to find and so the thought that I don’t want to lose this opportunity.

I am the only lucky one appointed among thirty-five candidates who were interviewed for the position. Therefore, despite the fact that I would love to stay here, it is more reasonable to take this position. Leaving [name the office] seems to be an arduous task as I have worked here for years and bonded with the people who made me feel at home.

Being an immigrant, it looked daunting to work in an office that has a different culture, environment, and language. For many days, I could not even understand my responsibilities and the fact that what I was supposed to do. However, the working environment of the office has been inclusive and exclusive. It would not have been easy for me without you all.

I remember each moment I spent in the office. We had many fun activities and on-spot plans for trips to hill stations. We went through thick and thin together. The sense of togetherness and wonderful teamwork I experienced here is unforgettable.

I will always keep these memories saved in my heart and would love to keep hanging out with you all occasionally. I am cordially and heartily thankful to you for your kind behavior, support, and love for me. You will always be missed. Thank you.



Touching Farewell Letter to Colleagues


Re. Good-Bye to my Colleagues

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you great. I am sad to inform you all that I am leaving this office and [date] will be my last day. I am shifting to [name the city] as I want to pursue further education along with work. As you know our work nature does not comply with the work-from-home capacity. Therefore, I realize that it will not be possible for me to continue my job here.

This office has been a great experience for me as it gave me chance to make such great and close friends here who are just like family to me. I will not be able to express much but I swear that I am very sad to leave you behind. Sometimes, we have to make tough decisions in our life for better opportunities and better life.

Life is filled with challenges and one of those severe challenges is to keep moving. We cannot stay in one place for the rest of our lives, therefore, moving and migrating are part of life.

I have wonderful memories with you including evening fun at coffee houses and late-night partying to mimicking our executives. I will miss each second of working here. I want to have dinner with you all, please let me know of your availability to cherish my advancement in life and bid farewell. Thank you for your unconditional love and support.



Touching Farewell Letter to Colleagues

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