Underwritten Mortgage Letter of Explanation


Re. Explanation to the Mortgage Underwriter on Different Factors Enlisted in the Letter of Inquiry

I am John Leaflock and I have been working as an Assistant Web Developer in a private firm named LOCS Tech Groups, Boston. I have been working in the company since 2019. Recently, I applied for a loan on which I have received a letter of inquiry showing reluctance on various factors.

Being a potential borrower of the company, I intend to communicate and explain those factors being mentioned in the letter. First, the letter shows reservations about my irregular pattern of debt payments. I have already under the debt of Linux Hill Bank of California for the loan I was granted for housing. The bank had drawn a policy of irregular paybacks of the debt while making a goal per Anum. It means to say that the bank permitted its borrowers to pay a certain amount in one year whereas not considering the regularity of monthly payments.

Secondly, my recent change of job has been inquired about. It has to be answered in a very simple way. The sole cause behind the change of my job recently was the amount paid as gross salary. Earlier I was working in Gold Gulf Finance Group but I shifted my job to LOCS Tech Groups as I was offered a 15% increased salary as an Assistant Web Developer. Moreover, the learning margin in LOCS was much higher than that of in Gold Gulf Finance.

Thirdly, it has been stated that I have different outstanding debts in my title and the amount of the debts surpasses the amount of my monthly salary. That was because of my job in LOCS. The motive behind the change of the job from Gold Gulf to LOCS was the increased salary so that I can pay my loans back. Moreover, I recently have ended my credit loans in two of the companies, thus, I have only one loan in my title in Trading High Groups.

I hope this explanation would be sufficient and satisfactory as a response to the letter of inquiry. Please write to me at [EMAIL] or call me at +1-[X].

Thank you.


John Leaflock
Assistant Web Developer
LOCS Tech Groups, Boston

Underwritten Mortgage Letter of Explanation


Re. Letter of Explanation of Reservations Expressed by Underwritten Mortgage

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter serves as a response to the letter of inquiry questioning a few elements in my application for a credit loan.

Firstly, my designation has been questioned. The designation stated on my job portal is different from the designation mentioned on my job proof provided. That happened on the account of my promotion. I have been promoted from Assistant Manager to General Manager Finance by the company authorities whereas it has not been updated on the job portal of the company that can be called as negligence of the IT department of the company. (I have attached the print of the email sent to the IT for update).

Second, it has been notified that the address varies in two of the documents. That simply has been caused by the shift from one area to another and the update lag in those documents. (Proof of my postal address has also been attached).

Please let me know if I need to explain anything further. You can contact me at [EMAIL] or dial +1-[X]. Thank you.


Jenny Dunster
General Manager Finance
RPCS Groups
Y-403 Electron Heights, Boston

Underwritten Mortgage Letter of Explanation

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