Warning Letter for Misusing Company Car

This warning letter is being issued to you after it has been proved that you are indulged in misusing a company vehicle. In response to a complaint lodged against you by your manager on [date], a fact-finding committee was constituted. After a careful investigation of the matter, the committee found the following facts.

  • On [date], a vehicle was used for committing a criminal act. It has also been confirmed by a concerned police station.
  • It was found that you had been using the company vehicle for your personal purposes. An anonymous employee of our company took its picture while it was parked outside a famous shopping mall.
  • From [date] to [date], proof of vehicle registration with a well-known taxi service is also evident. It indicates that you had been using a company vehicle as a taxi.

The above-mentioned incidents are sufficient to debar you from your rights of using the company vehicle. Normally, these kinds of negligence are handled in a strict manner but, considering your services to the company, we are only serving you with this warning letter. If you are found to have been involved in such an unethical act, company will take no time to determine your services.

Honestly speaking, this kind of behavior was not expected from you. Being the most senior employee of the company, you should have set an example for your juniors. Unfortunately, you have failed to do so.

Contrary to our expectations, you have tried to de-track the other employees of the company which is highly condemnable. Moreover, your unethical act has caused the company to face heavy losses. Management is upset due to your actions because you have caused irreparable damage to its worth.

I hope that you will not give us any further chance to complain and show a considerable improvement in your behavior.

We are waiting for a positive response from your side.


Subject: Warning for misusing company car on [X]

Dear Johnson,

This warning letter is being issued to you on account of misusing the company vehicle. Your manager has reported to us that you have been caught red-handedly while using the company vehicle for your personal usage. Remember, a company vehicle is meant to be used for official purposes only.

The company has bestowed you with this facility to save time that is spent on traveling by public transport. If you use it for your private affairs, there will be more fuel consumption and the company will have to face heavy losses.

My dear, management has formed a vehicle usage policy that is meant to be followed by all the employees. Employees like you do not take it seriously and use the facility of vehicle for their personal trips. Due to this unethical act, it becomes highly vulnerable to excessive wearing and tearing, and drainage of the fuel tank often becomes quicker. Apart from it, the chances of risk also increase several times.

In past, many employees were found abusing the company vehicle and disguising the management. They were either fired or suspended. Since your joining, we haven’t received even a single complaint against you, and this is the point that is saving you. Considering it was your first mistake, you are only being served with this warning letter.

At the same time, you are advised to refrain from unethical acts in the future. We want to inform you that any further complaints of similar nature will be dealt with in a strict manner. In that case, be ready to face the consequences.  

You should set an example for your juniors by means of your acts. I hope you will bring a positive change in your behavior.

We are waiting for a positive response from your side.

Warning Letter for Misusing Company Car

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