Warning Letter for not Wearing Face Mask


You all are being addressed through this letter for not complying with instructions regarding the wearing of face masks during the corona pandemic. Earlier in the month, all the staff members, without any discrimination were instructed to wear the face masks within office premises in order to eliminate the danger of COVID-19 and a comprehensive booklet containing SOPs was also issued in this regard. But it has been observed by the management that these SOPs are not being followed by the staff members especially, wearing face masks is not being practiced even by the senior employees, which is really an alarming situation.

Last weekend, during a surprise visit of worthy CEO, it was noticed that no one was wearing the mask. Some employees, instead of covering their nose, had covered their chins with the mask which does not make any sense. Moreover, some had put their masks on their front tables as a decoration piece.

It must be noted that COVID-19 is playing havoc with the lives of people in most parts of the world. No country has yet been able to save herself from the harms of this virus and has devised some strategies including the use of hand sanitizers, hand washing, discouraging shake hands to curb the situation. Covering of faces with masks is one of these. Aim behind all such measures is to contain the danger of viruses and to fix an increasing number of suspected individuals at an alarming level.

The management has taken a serious notice of this issue and has decided to deal with the violators in a strict manner. From now onwards, those employees, who do not wear face masks and show non-compliance with the instructions, will be dealt with strictly and will be rewarded with penalties including pay deductions, heavy fines, and even suspension of the job.

You all are advised to understand the current situation, take this warning seriously, and comply with the instructions.

Yours Sincerely,

Warning Letter for not Wearing Face Mask


Subject: Use of face mask is compulsory

Dear employees,

This letter of mine must be considered as a formal warning and I have been forced to write you like this in response to your manager’s complaint that SOPs regarding COVID-19, particularly the face mask-wearing policy are not being followed by most of the employees during office hours. In my last staff meeting, I had indicated this thing very clearly that wearing of the mask has been declared as an essential practice that must be followed by all means without any discrimination. A booklet, containing guidelines regarding Corona SOPs, was also issued in this regard, and you all were given one copy each.

Since COVID-19 has spread worldwide and played havoc with the lives of people, we, therefore, had devised the mask-wearing strategy to deal with the danger in an effective way but your non-compliance with the instructions is an indicator of the fact that you are not taking the instructions seriously and putting others in danger along with yourself which is not acceptable at all here in this company.

Keeping in view the situation, management has decided to deal with the violators strictly and from now onward, no breach of policy will be tolerated. If any employee is found without a face mask, his absence of that particular day will be counted along with a heavy fine. In case of further violation, he will put himself at a high risk to be suspended from the job. Therefore, you all are requested to stick with SOPs which have been made for your own sake. Your cooperation is highly needed at this time so as to cope with the danger in an effective way.

Yours sincerely,

Warning Letter for not Wearing Face Mask

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