Cover Letter for Human Resource Assistant

Cover letter for Human resources assistant

I saw the advertisement that your company [NAME] was opening another branch of your business in (name of the city/ place). I would like to congratulate you on this success of your company. The hard work you and your employees put in each task makes your company worthy of this success. As you are going to open a new branch, I am sure that you would be in need of recruiting new employees for the new branch. An efficient and faster way of making recruitments is to have a person…

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Cover Letter for Human Resource Coordinator

Cover letter for Human Resource Coordinator

I feel pleased to apply for the position of Human Resources Coordinator at (name of the company). I feel motivated to apply for this position because I have always low-key dreamed of working in your company. I am highly impressed with the company policies. The type of attitude the company (name of the company) has with its employees is commendable. Not many companies in this current world have this policy of facilitating their employees. I firmly believe that facilitating the employees of the company would result in generating high revenues…

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